A Secret In Time: Weeping Willow

Willow is an ordinary girl. But then she finds out that she is a witch. However, Voldemort sends her back in time to 1979. Willow has to fix the past, and the future and carry the burden of a single secret...


8. Interrogation...

When I woke up, the sheets were wrapped so tightly around me that I couldn't move. I yelped when I saw Sirius. He laughed.

"Erm, Sirius? Could you please help me get out? These sheets are suffocating me." I said.

"Sure," replied Sirius lightly.

He came over and freed me from my fabric prison.

"Thanks," I said, relieved.

Sirius acknowledged me with a shrug then asked

"So what actually happened?"

I knew this was coming. I was expecting interrogation long before this.

"Well, I was trying to get back into the Ravenclaw common room, and the door's entry question was 'Who controls The Chamber Of Secret?'  have no idea what the Chamber Of Secrets is so I asked what it is. Then I turned around and saw a tall, pale, red eyed man and he pointed his wand at me. I think he said Avada Kedavra, but I'm not sure. The floor fell beneath me and apparently I traveled back in time, I live in 1997. You would think I'd have lost my memory, but I didn't." I explained nervously.

Sirius was deathly pale. I was worried. Does he think I'm a monster?

"Willow, we need to see Professor Dumbledore." Sirius told me, his voice shaking.

"Okay,' I agreed "lets go."

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