A Secret In Time: Weeping Willow

Willow is an ordinary girl. But then she finds out that she is a witch. However, Voldemort sends her back in time to 1979. Willow has to fix the past, and the future and carry the burden of a single secret...


17. Fallen....

My dreams were twisted and bloody. Little did I know, I was actually seeing the future in my sleep! Suddenly something shook me so hard that I woke up and screamed. Siriuswas  standing over me, pale and desperate.

"Willow, you're bleeding all over, I came in and you were holding a knife a-a-and i-injuring yourself!" Sirius's voice shook.

"I-I hurt myself?! But I was sleeping!" As I said it, I felt something warm and sticky running down my nose. I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I gasped; I was completely covered in blood, my own blood. But weirdest of all, I thought I saw my eyes turn crimson before I fell.

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