dying relationship

Jackie has a boyfriend. she is so in love with him that she can't see all that he isn't. one day after school she walks with her boyfriend to an old abandoned amusement park. they know that there have been stories about the park being haunted. Jackie's family members and close friends slowly start disappearing. At the final end she notices that the only important people in her life that still live are her boyfriend, her daughter and her brother. meaning that the killer is between her brother, her boyfriend or some random person that she doesn't know. so now she is going try and find out who killed her beloved family and friend. so who is this anonymous killer?!


2. the one's still there

Jackie P.O.V

Here i am laying in my bed while i am supposed to be getting ready for school. Lola is going to pick me up so i better start getting ready. I get off of my bed and go take a shower. By the time i am done i walk into my room with a towel rapped around my body and see Lola there looking through my clothes choosing my outfit for the day. I walk in casually waiting for her to be ready to choose the outfit but she is such a fashionista and takes her time. I stare at her with suspiciousness she looks kind of in another world, i walk up to her,  i grab her shoulders and stare into her eyes. She stares back for a while then starts laughing and asks what i was doing? 

I am still not okay since i hears about THE news and she is not even my real mom. While her face is shinning like a Christmas tree. I thought that something happened over the weekend for her to forget about the whole incident. After a while of visually investigating her i ask "what is wrong with you, your mom got murdered last week and you as happy as a person having their first kiss, so what is going on spill it?" 

She looks at me with a big smile on her face " I cant lie to you, you are my best friend" she says with a frown on her face. Lola sits down with her had in her hands. She thinks of the right words to use to tell Jackie what happened over the weekend. 

"for starters my dad had an affair when my mom was still alive." Lola rushes through. *gasp. i look at her and i cant believe the words that just left her mouth. Her parents looked like the happiest married couple in the world. they would go out for lunch on a picnic at the beach. I saw in some of their pictures that they would even feed each other chocolate covered strawberries. Lola even told me that they sang a song to each other which was dedicated to their love/marriage. This is impossible to believe. 

"Do you know how long this has been happened?" i ask. She looks at me with a blank face and, says that  she doesn't know so much about the affair. Oh my poor women she gets cheated on and then right after she gets murdered. I feel terrible for Lola having to love and miss her mom in the same house of the person who cheated on her mom. She doesn't have her mom to talk too about all of this. 

"Anyway Jackie hurry up we have 5 min to get to school so speed it." she says with no epression on her face.


Jacob P.O.V

"Hi girls, hi sexy!" says Jacob. They both look at me with a face of fear, loneliness and confused. I wonder why they are giving me those kind of looks so I goes all Sherlock Holmes on them. Asking them questions, looking at their mood swings it was almost as if I was going stalker 101. Lunch passed nobody has talked for almost 2-3 hours. Now I feel terrible because i haven't tried to actually comfort them or try to make them feel better in any way. So i sit between them, put my arms around their shoulder and whisper into both of their ears " i love and will always be here for you." They look at me with a smile on their faces and those smiles gave me a smile...meaning "smile here smile there smile, smile everywhere." They both chuckle you could just see on their faces how happy they were to be laughing again. That has been a long time. Jackie, Lola and I always used to say that but it wasn't always with "smile."

Well i have to be a gentlemen to both my girlfriend and my best friend since they are hurt and I am in my senior year of high school so putting your arm around girls as friends...or more than friends was nothing.

" I know that both you want to talk about the incident, so speak up both of you" I said. Jackie started talking while Lola only put her head in head.. "She was like a mother to me and now she is gone, yeah i know hot it is not to have a mom but there is someone that i know that doesn't know how that feels." Jackie says while half crying. When she was done i looked at Lola and she didn't say anything because it was to sad to talk about it or she will start crying. 

I knew that Lola didn't want to tell me her emotions of this murder and she wouldn't even tell me who it was. I stood up and walked away and right before I walked away i told them to talk to each other because it might be a lot better than my help.


Jackie P.O.V

Jacob left us both alone so that we can talk to each other for our loss." Come here and tell me hoe you are feeling because i can see that you are very sad about your mom, for goodness sake you won't even talk to your best friends so spit it." 

*sniff sniff. She looks at me with a face that looks like she didn't know what to do any more, she just looked so lost. Lola opened her mouth and the first thing that comes out was "who?, who would dot that to my mom?" I nodded understanding how she felt, wanting to know who would have murdered such an amazing person. 

"Don't worry your mom is not completely gone she is with you, you know where in there" as i point towards her heart. She smiled and sighed as if 50 pounds just dropped off of her shoulders. She smiled saying that I was right. "I am always right" we both chuckle. 


the school bell rings , we both run to our classes because we were all the way on the opposite side of the school due to the silence there. we had the same class right now which was Language arts. Half way through social studies they both see a lady outside of the room looking in. they glance at each other noticing that they both see her. When they look back she is gone. The teacher announced them getting an assignment were they had to writ a story full of murder and suicide. When he said that Lola ran out crying, i followed her to the bathroom. 


Jackie P.O.V 

when I got into bathroom I can see Lola standing really close to the door, not moving and tears falling out of her eyes. I stood next to her and looked the exact same direction she was looking at. We stood  quite for a while without moving until we found out that the thing in front of us could talk and it was a she. "Hi sweaty how are you i miss you, remember me it's mom" said Lola's mom. 

Lola breaks down crying. I bend down next to her giving her a hug telling her that  this was a dream, because it has to be a dream Ms.Charlotte died. I called Lola's mom Ms. Charlotte. Her head was in her hand until she slowly stopped crying and looked straight at the person who is "her mom." 

"What do you want from me!" She shouts out hoping that the person who was making this prank would stop, but the question was is this a prank."what do you...want from me" she says again but she starts crying again. 

This was to much for her to handle so it pulled her up and brought her out of the bathroom. When we were out i Brought her to the front door of hte school and i told her to wait right there. I ran to one of the classrooms and i told the teacher that Lola wasn't feeling well so i was going to bring her to her room. I took all of our things and walked out the door. When i closed the door some of the other students stare at me with a face of disgust. I felt so confused, I didn't know what i did wrong for them to give me that kind of face. I ran balk to Lola and she was lying on the floor thinking. I picked her up and walked her to our rooms. Yeah we are roommates. Isn’t that school best friend sharing a room.


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