dying relationship

Jackie has a boyfriend. she is so in love with him that she can't see all that he isn't. one day after school she walks with her boyfriend to an old abandoned amusement park. they know that there have been stories about the park being haunted. Jackie's family members and close friends slowly start disappearing. At the final end she notices that the only important people in her life that still live are her boyfriend, her daughter and her brother. meaning that the killer is between her brother, her boyfriend or some random person that she doesn't know. so now she is going try and find out who killed her beloved family and friend. so who is this anonymous killer?!


1. The love from inside

"Hi Jackie! ho are you my munskin?" says Jacob.She smiles back saying that she was fine. Next you see her best friend Lola walking towards the JJ couple (jackie <3 jacob).  "HEY CHICA" say the JJ couple and she waves back. Jackie just knows that theres is something wrong with Lola because she didnt respond in a more positive way so she runs up to leaving Jacob alone, she gives Lolaa hug and asks her what is wrong? when Lola hers those wordds come out of Jackie's mouth she quietly started crying making sure that Jacob doesn't hear anything. When she saw that Lola was crying she runs back to Jacob grabs all her stuff and says" i am sorry i have to go girl talk with her see you in french". Jacob  understands because it has happened before and walks to his other friends. While Jackie and Lola are walking Lola explains what happened. when she is done explaing Jackie stops and gasps after finding out that Lola's mom was murdered. she got stabbed last night 50 times in the heart/ back. Jackie was really sad they both hugged each other while crying. See Jackie's mom dies when she was 3 due to drinking habits.so Lola's mom was like her mom. for the whole day both Lola and Jackie wer sad they didnt work in class they didnt even pay attention to what was supposed to be done in class, they were also so sad that they didn't talk. Until it was time  for French class where Would see Jacob again. He sits next to her in class and asks "whats wrong" she sys that she doesn't want to talk about it. He decides he will talk to her about the situation after class. time passes and finally class is over. Jackie hurries out of class and Jacob is trying to catch up then at a final end he does and  he grabs her hand. Jackie turns around, she looks deeply into Jacobs eyes and he sees that her eyes are starting to tear up. he brings her to a quite place outside and asks her again. She just bursts out crying on jacob's shoulder. He waited til she was done crying to ask one last time what was wrong. She asnwered that someone very important in my life was murdered last night, stabbed 50 times in the heart/back. He grabbed her "I am so sorry but you know that if you need anyone to talk too about this i will always be here" said Jacob while she was crying again. After a whioe they see Lola coming towards them.She saw the JJ couple hugging so she knew that Jackie told Jacob about... the murder. She stopped walking towards them while staring at Jackie knowing that she had told Jacob about the murder. All feelings were going through her disappointment, betrayed,lost and lonely so she turned around and ran to the bathroom.Jacob and Jackie see her running so Jackie follows her but leaving all her things with Jacob, while Jacob is trying to keep up with them he also has to carry Jackie's things. 


Jackie P.O.V

i came in the bathroom and i hear someone crying but i don't know from which stall. she knocked on  every stall until found Lola and asked her to open the stall. 'No i trusted you and you just go around telling your boyfriend, next thing you know the whole school will find out" i hear Lola saying. I smile and chuckle and she asks what was so funny and i say that i only said someone important in my life was murdered last night i didn't give any names. She looks at me disbelief "but he is your boyfriend he would care and ask who the person was that got murdered." says Lola.

I think about what she just said and i guess that it does kind of makes sense anyone who knew about it would ask me that, it didn't necessarily have to be my boyfriend. "well i don't know why he didn't ask me but what is important right now is to know that you believe me because i don't want to fight with you. She nods at me and says that she is sorry for not trusting you with something like this. 

"can i have a hug" asks Lola feeling so sad and embarrassed. of course i will give her a hug i know how she feels with the whole murder thing and plus she is my best friend. I would do anything for her. 

We totally forget that Jacob is still waiting outside with my things so we walk outside and apologize for taking such a long time. He said that it was fine and gave both of us a hug. Lola said that he was a good friend and i think to myself but he is not my friend, i don't like him. I am just kidding he is not my friend he is my boyfriend, i don't like him i love him,


the day passes and everyone goes home with a gloomy attitude. everyone meaning Jackie, Lola and Jacob because he was feeling bad for the girls not knowing what to do. They all said bye and went home. At home they were even worse not speaking to anyone because they didn't know what so say and thinking about the murder and each other. Lola and Jackie were feeling most lonely because they both didn't have a mom to talk to, to hug and just be best friends with.

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