From All Corners

Things start to descend from the shadows when Megan moves into a new house. What will happen when her school project uncovers some frightening information about her house?


2. The New House

5 months earlier



16/01/13 lunchtime (ish)


Dear Diary,


We've just turned up at our new house. It's big and old. It's the kind of house you see in a horror movie. The doors creek and it smells like old people...Real creepy.

My room's okay, it's big and at the moment it's blood red, but soon it's going to be a pale yellow. I badgered mom into letting me decide the colours.  

I'm Megan. I'm 15, Mom bought me this diary because she thought I'd be bored. Well I am. I knew I was going to be bored here, it's out in the countryside in a place called Tintwistle in ENGLAND. There's nothing here, just a few sheep. England's dull it always rains! America was so much better, all of my friends are back there. I know I'm not going to like it here, mom said I'll get used to it once I go to school and make friends. She wants me to be happy, I have friends and would be happy if I stayed in Lockbourne with them...but no, we had to move. All because of my dad and his new job. I told her, I said Macey's parents would have been more than happy to let me move in until Macey and I were old enough to get our own house. Macey is my best friend, we've been best friends for 12 years. We've done everything together, but now that's all stopped because we've had to move to England.

School starts tomorrow...that's going to be fun. The uniform is just like England-boring and gray. I don't know how mom's expecting me to like it here. Maybe she'll hate it too and then we'll move back home...or maybe if I get her in a good mood she'll let Macey come and stay in the holidays. Not likely.

We will have to wait and see...

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