From All Corners

Things start to descend from the shadows when Megan moves into a new house. What will happen when her school project uncovers some frightening information about her house?


3. Project



Dear Diary,


Its been a while.

My new school isn't as bad as I had expected. There is this old history teacher called Mr Madgins. He has a long white moustache and wears pin striped suits and he walks with a walking stick. He tells the greatest stories and he knows everything.

His classes are nothing like they were in America. We don't have individual desks anymore, so there is nowhere to put your notes or your bag, it just kind of lies beneath your feet and people stick gum underneath the desk, its horrible.

Mr Madgins is really cool and doesn't like boring book work or sheet work so he makes us do projects. I sit with this boy called James he's got a gorgeous accent and he is gorgeous too and Mr Madgins was picking pairs for the next project which was to research into Victorian times and he paired me and James together.

James came round yesterday so we could start our project. We've decided to research into my house because its Victorian and about the village Tintwistle. I told James that I had absolutely no idea what to do so he said that his father was an historian and he could probably get some information for us. When James came round mum and dad made a fuss thinking he was my boyfriend and all that (you know how parents are) James brought his laptop and dad let us use his office so we could get our research together. We started researching about Victorian Tintwistle and we found a website that had archived newspapers about paranormal happenings within Tintwistle that all happened within the Victorian era so we decided to choose that as our topic. I've started designing the poster for it and its really cool...I really like James and I'm actually starting to like Tintwistle after all.

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