From All Corners

Things start to descend from the shadows when Megan moves into a new house. What will happen when her school project uncovers some frightening information about her house?


4. Can You Feel It?



Dear Diary


Something creepy is going on. Me and James are still doing our project but we've found newspaper articles about my house. They report about a family called the Kinleys whose mother died at 26 during childbirth and her husband, driven into depression, killed himself and his 3 children. It's said that the family still live in the house as souls. I think its true.

I've been hearing noises lately and its just really creepy. Thing's bump about and it's just really not good. The floorboards creek and it sounds like there is someone walking across them. Doors creek like someone's just opened them, drawers open and lights flicker. My dog barks at nothing. Something is happening and I feel like I'm being watched all the time.

I can feel them, they walk around me, circling me.

They look at me.

I think I've seen the mother. She was dressed in white and her hair was bushy and unkempt. She had a mad expression on her face. I told James and he just laughed at me he told me I was being paranoid but I've seen him glance over his shoulder because he can feel it too. Then he saw her too. He told me and he wasn't laughing anymore.

I don't know what to do. We've started going to James's house because we're too scared to be at mine.

What if they get me? while I'm sleeping...that's what he did, the father he got his children while they were sleeping. What if he gets me?

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