From All Corners

Things start to descend from the shadows when Megan moves into a new house. What will happen when her school project uncovers some frightening information about her house?


6. A Cry For Help



Dear Diary


I guess I should start writing.

I'm James, today I was going to ask Megan out on a date but I can't. They got her, and I think I'm next.

If anyone reads this after they get me, I need to explain everything so here it goes.

16/04/1843 was the year that Jemima Kinley died whilst giving birth to her son, Henry. She was 26. Her and her husband Arthur had already had two children Phillip and Mary. After Jemima's death Arthur deteriorated into madness. Maybe he believed that if he killed himself and his children the family would all be together again. So he did...he murdered them in their sleep and then he killed himself. Two years later a new family moved into the house. They had 2 children who were both killed mysteriously in their beds and ever since then the house has remained uninhabited until 16th of January 2013 when Megan and her mother and father moved in. That was about 4 months ago. As the house had been uninhabited for so long the Kinley ghosts had free range about the house but that changed when Megan's family moved in. At first the Kinleys just waited but then they realised that me and Megan were researching about them and they became angry. They killed her father and Megan knew she was next. She told me that if they got her I needed to write in this diary to warn you, whoever moved into this house, before it was too late.

You can't stay here it's not safe. I know I'm next they already have me. I'm not dead yet and neither is Megan. She's still able to move and talk just like me but they have us in their hold. They will kill us. They're just waiting for the right time and you will be after me. Move away, as far away as you can get. Please I'm trying to help you, I want you to be able to let your children grow up and have happy lives...we didn't, me and Megan...we'll be dead soon but you don't have to be. Get out please, live your life, watch your children live their lives too.

Please save your souls.

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