Here we go Again (Sequel to Don't let Marcel go)

harry and liz have broken up twice and it gets harder for the rest of the band. izzy and niall have gotten together and are the "power" couple of the century. what happens if liz and harry get together and the drama becomes to much for everyone.



me and harry got back from anne's last night and tonight is izzy and nialls wedding. i went to izzys to check on her and we check the mail for each other when i saw something. it was a lettert from the hospital, it said

Dear Mrs. Horan, (i see she already changed her name)

we would like to inform you on something we just discovered. it seems to be that you have the same DNA as the member of the wanted Max George.

WHAT THE HELL!?! i almost fainted if i hadnt had grabbed onto the mailbox. i ran inside to talk to niall when izzy stopped me

i- hey why are you in a rush

l- well i need to talk to niall, now!

i- he is in our room

i raced up the stairs and knocked on the door

n- just a minute

a few seconds later, niall opened the door in only a towel. i would be admiring his body if i werent so freaked out

l- niall do you have a minute

n- sure come in

l- you know how me and izzy tend to check each others mail

n- yeah, why

l- look what i found

i gave the letter to niall and i could see that he was freaking out

n- WHAT!?! how is that possible.

l- i dont know

we walked down the stairs and went to the living room where izzy was. i didnt even realize it but we were pacing the living room

i-  hey guys whats wrong

n- well we have something to tell you and please dont freak out

i- your scaring me

l- well you know the wanted

i- oh you mean that dumbass boyband

l- yeah

i- what about them

n- well you have a brother in that dumbass boy band

i- what

l- you have a dumbass brother in a dumbass boy band who is a dumbass

n- in other words you are related to buzz cut

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