Here we go Again (Sequel to Don't let Marcel go)

harry and liz have broken up twice and it gets harder for the rest of the band. izzy and niall have gotten together and are the "power" couple of the century. what happens if liz and harry get together and the drama becomes to much for everyone.


4. there is too much

skipping to christmas


Liz's P.O.V


it was almost christmas day and me and harry have "dated" for about 1 and a half months. i found out that harry was right about taylor and he is still upset about it.but since tomorrow is christmas that means that it is Louis' birthday and tomorrow niall and izzy get married. i've watched her grow up since we were 7 or 8 since she is a year older than me. but i cant believe she is going to be mrs. horan tomorrow and that i will be the maid of honor. she said for a special effect she wants zayn to do hair and eleanor to do make up. since zayn might take pictures she is going to wear a robe over her dress to cover it then do make up. i really love her dress, i have to wait like 10 months til we (me and harry) get engaged, wait another 3 - 4 months to say some particular words i don't want to mention. harry's mom battle with cancer turned out to be good. she is still ill but he is over taking care of her now for a few days even her house is only half an hour away. just then my phone rang

l- hello

h- hey liz

l- what's up

h- could you come to my moms house

l- yeah what for

h- she wants to talk to you about the wedding

l- oh see you in a few

h- ok bye

l- bye

after that i hung up on him. i had already planned most of the wedding except for booking things. i wonder what she wants. i raced out to my car and was going to play music but apparently harry switched it all with one direction or 5sos so i put heartbreak girl by 5sos on. between me and you, i think Luke is more attractive than him. a few minutes later i pulled into anne's driveway.

a- hey honey

l- hey anne

a- i sent harry out so i could talk to you privately

l- i thought this wedding

a- we will talk about that later

l- okaay... what do you need

a- how do you feel about harry

l- uhmm...

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