Here we go Again (Sequel to Don't let Marcel go)

harry and liz have broken up twice and it gets harder for the rest of the band. izzy and niall have gotten together and are the "power" couple of the century. what happens if liz and harry get together and the drama becomes to much for everyone.


5. not anymore

a-What do you think of harry

l- uhmm... i- i do love hI'm its just the past

a- what happened in the past darling? i may not ever be your mother, but i will always look to you as a daughter of my own

l- well me and harry have dated twice...

a- go on

l- and both tI'mes he cheated on me


h- yes mum

a- why would you cheat on this girl twice

h- i-i uhmm... i don't know

a- yes you do, liz would you give us a minute

l- sure

i left the room but wanted to know what they were talking about so i eavesdropped

a- oh and on your way out could you go get me a glass of water

l- sure

                                  Harry's P.O.V

a- harry, i am very disappointed in you

h- it was a mistake

a- cheating is a choice not a mistake. how did you feel when taylor cheated on you

h- bad but-

a- that is what you sit on, not what comes out of your mouth. why did you do cheat

h- i don't know

a- yes you do now tell me

l- sorry to interrupt but here is your water.

a- thank you and could you get me another blanket I'm quite chilly

l- sure brb

h- why did you do that

a- so she wouldn't eavesdrop. back to you. harold i raised you better than that

h- well i just found out that you had cancer and i wanted someone to talk to

a- right

h- so i tried calling her about five tI'mes and she didnt pick up

a- okay

h- so i went to her house and heard moaning

a- so you thought it was her

h- yeah

a- did you stop to think it was her roommate

h- no

l- here is your blanket

a- thank you sweetie, could you go pick up my prescription from the pharmacy

l- sure what pharmacy

a- boots

l- i will be right back

a- okay

h- anyways i didnt think that it was her roommate

a- so you thought cheating was better than confronting her

h- yes but the second tI'me that girl kissed me but Liz wouldn't give me the chance to explain

a- did you call text e mail go to her house

h- yes but she wouldn't answer it would say that I'm a blocked number

a- did you tell Louis to tell her

h- no because he would say that I'm lying

a- how do you know

h- because the same thing happened to one of his other friends and he said its a load of shit

a- harold! watch your language

h- yes mum

a- well i see her car pulling up, i will talk to her

h- thank you

a- you're welcome now go

l- here is your prescription

a- thank you now sit

l- harry could you give us a minute

h- sure

a- honey, you know harry only cheated once

l- in the magazine was a picture of him and another girl snogging

a- darling, magazines make up anything to get a reaction

l- how do you know

a- there was this one magazine that said i was hired to be a prostitute at age 10

l- but his hands were on her hips

a- photoshop

l- why are you trying to get us together

a- because you love each other

l- no

a- harry come here

h- yes mum

a- look at liz

h- okay

a- now leave

h- uhmm... suure

a- i saw a sparkle in both of your eyes

l- but it is just to hard to trust him after that

a- i know but lets plan this wedding

l- sure HAROLD GET IN HERE! i love that name

h- my name is Harry!

l- not anymore. ;)

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