Here we go Again (Sequel to Don't let Marcel go)

harry and liz have broken up twice and it gets harder for the rest of the band. izzy and niall have gotten together and are the "power" couple of the century. what happens if liz and harry get together and the drama becomes to much for everyone.


3. lets talk afterwards

Harry's P.O.V h- ... you want to know

l- yes!

h- you really want to know

l- yes

h- are you-

l- just tell me whatever the hell you need to tell me

h- taylor is trying to pull us apart

l- no she isnt

h- hand me your phone

l- why

h- she gave you her number

l- yeah so

h- she did all the same things with all my other ''girlfriends'' who were just friends and they aren't even friends

l- how does this affect us we arent even dating

h- in public we are so i have to make a big deal

l- oh my gosh maybe she changed

h- in a day because it happened yesterday too

l- let me live my own life Harry!

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