Here we go Again (Sequel to Don't let Marcel go)

harry and liz have broken up twice and it gets harder for the rest of the band. izzy and niall have gotten together and are the "power" couple of the century. what happens if liz and harry get together and the drama becomes to much for everyone.


8. i do

a- do you really not want to marry harry

l- i do... i just dont want to get hurt again

a- oh hun... if harry does hurt you, i will beat him like a pinata

l- thanks anne

a- no problem sweetie, could you get the pinata

l- sure

once i got up and opened the door i heard a loud crash, i didnt know if there was a robber or something so i went downstairs and saw harry on the ground. i was about to help him when i heard robin

r- what are you doing on the ground you little wimp? get up!

l- hey! leave my boyfriend alone!

r- or else what!

l- well i could always call my dad who by the way is a sherriff officer down here for abuse

r- oh please

i took out my phone and texted izzy to go along with what im about to call her for. i dialed up izzys number and called her.

i- hello

l- hey daddy

i- hi pumpkin whats up

l- well what would you do if i saw someone abusing their child

i- well i would have to take them to jail

l- how long would they be in jail

i- a couple of years

i covered the mouth part of my phone and said

l- last chance to stop

r- no! there is no need to call the cops!

l- then stop abusing my boyfriend!

r- alright fine!

with that he stormed upstairs to anne's room

h- uhh... thanks

l- your welcome, thanks izzy bye!

h- wait that was izzy?

l- yeah she studied law for a few years so she knows all about abuse

h- ahh

l- harry how long has this been going on

h- i dont know

l- harold pinata styles, tell me

h- pinata? what

l- inside joke now tell me

h- uhmm... since you started going to my school

l- harry thats was almost 4 years ago! why didnt you tell anyone?

h- because i dont like talking about my feelings, you should know that.

l- come here

he walked over to me so i hugged him

l- tell me next time okay?

once i said that i got on my tip toes and kissed him. i pulled away from him and walked upstairs.

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