Here we go Again (Sequel to Don't let Marcel go)

harry and liz have broken up twice and it gets harder for the rest of the band. izzy and niall have gotten together and are the "power" couple of the century. what happens if liz and harry get together and the drama becomes to much for everyone.


2. after party disasters

                                  Harry's P.O.V

 after i was done talking to some people at the awards i saw taylor and liz talking and it didnt look good. i recognized that little sparkle in her eye, it means she's planning something. after she left i went over to liz to tell her to go change for the after party since she wouldnt believe me about taylor.

                                 Liz's P.O.V

 i could tell something was on harry's mind but didnt bring it up since he would just push me away.

Liz's dress

Izzy's dress

we had zayn do our hair and lou did our make up and we totes looked faboo. yeah no we just looked really good. i saw harry looking very hesitant around taylor, everytime we saw her he would make us walk the other way.

l- harry i have a question

h- yes love

l- why do you keep avoiding taylor.

                                       Harry's P.O.V

why do you keep avoiding taylor. oh shit oh shit oh shit!

h- umm... well one uhm she's my ex.

l- whats two

h- huh

l- if you say one then that means their is a two so what is two

h- one could mean one direction

l- so one direction she's my ex

h- yeah?

l- harry just tell me


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