April is just a normal 17 year old girl who visits the most haunted house in town. When she bumps into Harry Styles, she doesn't expect to be the one to be trapped inside the haunted house, with the company of Harry and a psycho killer.. they have 5 days to escape and to survive...


4. You're Next!

26th October

Aprils POV

"April, that's not funny!" Harry said to me, sounding scared and looking petrified. But why would I make things ten times scarier by laughing evilly?

"What are you on about? That wern't me" I replied back to Harry, probably sounding twice as scared as he did. Just as I said that, a figure appeared at the doorway. Both me and Harry were stairing at it with the same expression on our face.

The figure walked around the room, with it's finger on the wall. As it walked around, blood followed on the wall. When it got to the last wall he wrote in blood.

'You're Next!'

And then it left, leaving both me and Harry stood there, shaking. The smell of blood soon filled the room and it started to get quite disgusting. Harry was currently pacing forwards and backwards, probably trying to calm down. 

I still couldn't get the figure out of my mind. Long, black hair, baggy, ripped clothing, a grayish coloured skin with random marks on it. 

"Hey, April, don't you think we should find somewhere to sleep? It's 1am and the 5 days start tomorrow we should really get some rest" Harry said, half smiling and knocking me out of my train of thoughts.

"Err, yeah, sleep is probably the best median" I replied, slightly chuckling, slowly looking from Harry to the floor. Harry grabbed my hand and we were slowly walking though the house, trying not to get caught by it. 

While we were walking, a door slam shut and I screamed and cuddled into Harry, who was also petrified by the door. I've got to be honest though, this is probably the scariest experience I've ever had in my whole 17 years on the planet, I have never had a day as scary as today. But I'm actually quite lucky, I'm with Harry Styles from One Direction, I'm being protected.

But there's one thing I'm scared of,

Harry dying for me.

Harry's POV


While me and April were looking for somewhere to sleep, there would be that occasional  noise which made April scream and cuddle up to me. Shes actually quite cute. But she will never feel the same way about me. Never.

We finally come across a bedroom and the first thing that April did was run and jump into bed. I walk over slowly and climb in. April is already asleep. I don't balme her, it's 1.30am and there's a strange, scary figure after us. 

There is one thing that I'm really scared of though,

April dying for me.

She's too precious too loose...



Heyy, did you like it? Comment what you think and vote maybe? 

Im actually love writing this.. :)

aha byee xx



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