April is just a normal 17 year old girl who visits the most haunted house in town. When she bumps into Harry Styles, she doesn't expect to be the one to be trapped inside the haunted house, with the company of Harry and a psycho killer.. they have 5 days to escape and to survive...


8. Wait, your dad?

27th October- 5 days to go

April's POV

It's about 12.30 and the only clue we've found so far is the diary. But I think whoever this Lucy is, wrote the diary so it could be a guide to whoever comes across it. But I don't know, all i know is it must have a purpose. 

Harry was at the window, but I gave up telling him to stop because, the boy just doesn't give up. He soon came to me in the kitchen, huffing and puffing. I stopped looking for clues and looked up at Harry.

"You just wont give up will you?" I said to him, while he sat down next to me. He just half-smiled at me, I have no idea what he was trying to say, his face didn't say anything. 

"Hey, don't you think this diary could be like a guide to help us get out? I mean, you just wouldn't write a diary in the middle of an haunted house when you have 5 days to get out?" I asked him, holding the book in both hands.

"Maybe" was all he said, with a blank expression on his face.

I moved over to him and lightly kissed his lips. His emotionless face turned into a small smile. I did it again, and his smile became bigger. I repeated this till he looked like the happiest man on earth. Seriously though, he looked over the moon. 

Me and Harry started to read the diary, from 27th October.


Harry's POV

When I was trying to open the window, again, the crazy figure appeared from nowhere, it's got to stop doing that! It scares my death, which makes sense since it is trying to kill us both. But then, what it did was stair right into my eyes and it made me loose my emotion. So everything I did was really morbid.

When I went into April, she was telling me about how the diary could be a guide to get out and that nobody would write a diary when they're stuck in a haunted house. Which is true. But all I could do though was give her a weak half smile. She looked worried, because I normally do things with a smile.

Then, though, April came over to me and kissed my lips lightly my emotionless face turned into a small smile. She did it again, and my smile became bigger. She repeated this till I probably looked like the happiest man on earth. Seriously though, I probably looked over the moon.  

After that, me and April read the diary from 27th October



27th October 1813


So, when we woke up this morning, we looked for clues. In the kitchen, under one of the freezers, there was a key. We didn't know what it was for, so we tried the door and every window. None of them worked, however, the one in the living room seemed to move just that little bit further than the rest of the windows. But it was still no use. So you know, we gave up with that and looked for more clues...

Aprils POV

"A key!!" I shouted in Harry's face and ran over to the freezers. I looked under them and I saw something shining. I put my hand under to reach it. And, luckily it was the key. Running over to Harry, I tripped over literally nothing. But I have my suspicions on that super creepy figure we've been seeing lately, it can probably turn invisible and make me look like a weirdo in front of my boyfriend. 

Harry came running over to me and helped me up.

"Are you okay?" He asked, with concern in his voice, which was really cute.

"Yeah, I'm okay,  just clumsy I guess" I said back, laughing faintly.

"Good news though, I have the key!" I said, showing Harry the key. His face lit up and we both made our way to the living room, quickly but carefully. Harry put it in the key hole, turned the key and pushed the window. It moved ever so slightly, but it was moving more than when Harry was trying. He tried again but it didn't work. Hmm, weird. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, guess who decides to join up. The figure, yes, good job.

"Well, well, well, you found the key, but it will only work once ever so often, but nobody knows when. I don't know, you don't know, my dad doesn't know-"

"Wait, your dad?" Harry said, cutting her off.

"Err, yeah, my dad. Everyone has a dad, or else we wouldn't be here. He's also my boss, he's the reason that I'm here, well I got to go, I've said too much already!" She said, fading away.

Harry and I was both in complete shock...



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