April is just a normal 17 year old girl who visits the most haunted house in town. When she bumps into Harry Styles, she doesn't expect to be the one to be trapped inside the haunted house, with the company of Harry and a psycho killer.. they have 5 days to escape and to survive...


3. Things are happening


26th October

Aprils POV

After hearing the scary voice I was shaking. I was almost crying, I was that scared for life. I was currently holding Harrys hand, and by the way he was holding mine, I could tell that he was also scared.

"H-Harry" I stuttered, looking up.

He looked down and me and replied "Y-Yeah?"

"I'm scared, we need to get out. FAST!" I shouted, now pacing back and forth, sweating and panicing. Harry was currently frozen where he was stood, with a scared impression on his face. Bless him.

Harrys POV

I can't believe this is actually happening. We have 5 days to get out and to survive?!  But, why us? Why?

I lost my train of thought when I heard an evil laugh.

"April, that's not funny" I said, now above petrified.

"What you on about? That wern't me" April answered, also looking and sounding petrified.


Sorry it was short, but.. yeah :) 

comment what you think and vote maybe? 

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