April is just a normal 17 year old girl who visits the most haunted house in town. When she bumps into Harry Styles, she doesn't expect to be the one to be trapped inside the haunted house, with the company of Harry and a psycho killer.. they have 5 days to escape and to survive...


1. The beggining

26th October 


Aprils POV


Today is the day I go to The Most Haunted House in Town . My heart was literally beating out of my chest. I have no idea whats going to happen.. and guess what the best part is, i'm going on my own. Great.


I finished curling my hair, and just putting on the last bit of make up. I looked at my reflection and took a deep breathe and skipped downstairs and towards the kitchen to look for my mum, I had to get going before my older brother, Daniel arrives. Daniel always verbally abuses me for no random reason. You see, he doesn't believe in physical abuse so he does it verbally. 

"Mum?" I shouted.


"Yes sweetie?" she asked, popping her head round the kitchen wall, with a cup of coffee in her hand.


"I'm ready to go, could you take me please" I said smiling.


"Ready to go where April love?" my mum asked me, sipping her coffee.


"Most haunted house in town" I said to her, still smiling widely.


"Okay, lets go!"

My mum drags me to the car, causing me to bump into Daniel, who was just walking into the house. I heard him mutter 'Clumsy, useless thing' under his breath but I decided to ignore it even though it hurt inside. I hopped in the passenger seat and fastened my seat belt, while my mum jumped into the drivers seat and sped off.

*15 minutes later*

When my mum pulled up, it was absolutely packed. I hopped out of the car and slammed the door shut before my mum started blabbing on about god knows what. As I was walking towards the house I wern't looking where I was going so I ended up walking into something hard, causing me to fall to the floor.

I looked up and saw the most beautiful boy ever, he had curly hair and amazing green eyes.

 "Im sorry" I heard him say.


The mystery boy helped me up and I wiped my bum.


I started stairing at the boy. He's beautiful.


"H-hi" I finally managed to get out, so he wouldn't think I'm weird.


"Hi, I'm Harry" his thick british accent was like music to my ears.


"April" I told him, looking into his beautiful eyes. 


"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" He said, smiling showing off his god-given dimples.

This boy is perfect.


Heyy. I hope you like it, it's my first fanfic (clearly) I'm not the best writer but I'm hoping to get better :) xxT

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