April is just a normal 17 year old girl who visits the most haunted house in town. When she bumps into Harry Styles, she doesn't expect to be the one to be trapped inside the haunted house, with the company of Harry and a psycho killer.. they have 5 days to escape and to survive...


6. Ha ha ha

27th October- 5 days to go

April's POV


"HARRY!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs when when I saw the writing on the roof.

Harry came running in and saw that my face was full of blood. He gave me a look which seemed to say 'what happened?!' and I pointed up. Harry was about to speak but he got dragged away by the figure that we saw yesterday. I heard him screaming and shouting 'Help me!' so I quickly stood up and ran upstairs, completely forgetting about the blood on my face, as it was the least of my problems.

Harry's POV


I heard April shout my name really loudly so I went running into her as fast as a could.

When I got there, April's face was covered in blood and I gave her a look what seemed to say 'What Happened?' and then April pointed to the roof for me to see the words 'Ha ha ha' written with blood on the roof. Just as I was about to say 'lets get you cleaned up' I was pulled away and upstairs, I got a glimpse of the thing and to my surprise, it was the figure that we keep seeing lately.

What is this persons problem at all? Chasing, catching and scaring people in an haunted house? Not a good idea at all. 

April's POV


I was running as fast as I could to get to Harry. I was just following the sound of the figures footsteps, and thats when they suddenly stopped and I heard Harry groaning. Following the sound of his groaning, I saw Harry in the corner of a room I've never come across before.


The room was a mess. There was broken glass all over the floor, so I was trying my best not to step on any. The curtains were all ripped and so was the wall paper.


Harry was sat in the right corner of the room with blood dripping from the top of his head. I ran over to him quickly, completely forgetting about the broken glass and I ended up getting a piece of glass stuck in my foot. Groaning in pain, I noticed Harry was trying to get to me to help.


"H-Harry you s-stay there p-please" I only just managed to get out, as I was in so much pain.


"No I need to help you" He said, barely above a whisper, probably because he's in so much pain.




Killers POV 


I sent my daughter (The figure) to scare the living poop out of there two little... humans stuck inside MY HOME!


I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with my house, all I want is a peaceful life without being disturbed. 


So what I did was, about 1,579 years ago, when people started coming here, I started to slowly but surely kill the last remaining two in my house, with only giving them 5 days to escape. Nobody has ever yet done it, and nobody ever will do it. You see, I live off people, if one time someone survives (which I highly doubt) there is a 2% chance that I will survive. 


Now you understand why I have to murder?


The Figures POV


I hate my life.


My dad makes me scare the living poo out of the last remaining 2 in our home, so they die and he can eat them. I dont want to do it, I keep telling him that there's food that he can eat. But no, he "has to eat off humans or else there is a 2% chance that he will survive if the humans survive"


That's not true, mum never eat humans and she was perfetly fine, until dad killed her and he ''didn't mean to do it'' , as he says.


Harry's POV


We finally managed to get the glass out of April's foot and cleaned my head up.


We were now just lied down and staring at the ceiling. We're probably thinking the same thing; How  can we get out? 


I really want to get out, but I keep getting distracted by Aprils beauty. I would often just stop and look at her, then she would laugh at me for looking like a gorp, which is freaking adorable. 


"April?" I say, going onto my side, facing her.


"Harry" She replies, doing the same.


"I've never really done this before, so I don't really know what to say. But I really like you, like, like you more than friends. I can always picture is girlfriend and boyfriend, then husband and wife with kids and I-"


I was cut off by April's soft lips on mine.


"Harry! Calm down, I like you too!" April said, giggling


"So does that mean its official?" I asked, hoping for the best


She kissed my lips again, but this time a little more passionate


"Does that answer your question?" She asked, smiling.


"It definitely does" I said.



Yeah, yeah I know its crap but I tried, better than nothing right? aha

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