Live While We're Young

Most 18 year olds are out with their friends on a Friday night but not Anna she is at home looking after a 3 year old. Anna's parents died when she was just 16 leaving her and her brother to raise their little sister Ella. One day whilst she was at the bakery she works in, 5 boys walk in but these aren't ordinary boys, no they're One Direction. The boys and Anna become close friends, but how will Anna survive the drama especially when its about Niall, her favourite member of the band...


2. Chapter 2

Anna's P.O.V

"Come on darling lets go to nursery, have you got your lunch baby girl?" I asked Ella.

"Yes mummy, I wuv you" she answered.

"I love you to Ella will you wait by the door for me while I get my shoes on okay?" I asked her

Ella ran off to do as I said whilst I got my shoes on and grabbed the car keys ready for another day at the bakery.

I walked Ella out to the car after locking the front door and strapped her into her seat; I then got in myself and started to drive to nursery

"Mummy?" I heard Ella ask me

"Yes baby girl?" I looked back at her in her seat.

"Can we listen to some music?" She asked

"Of coarse baby girl what do you want to listen to?" I asked her even though I knew the answer

"NURSERY RYHMES" she exclaimed loudly

"Ella what have I said about inside voices?" I said sternly

"Sowwy mummy" she replied meekly

"That's okay baby girl just try to remember" I said whilst pulling up to the nursery. I got Ella out and grabbed her things from the boot before taking her inside.

Ella’s teacher Mrs. Green, who took Ella from me and took her over to the rest of the kids with a smile on her face, greeted me

Mrs. Green knew all about our parents so she knew that I was by myself so was lenient with the rules with me.

"See you at home time Ella,” I said to her leaving the nursery and walking back to the car.

I got in my car and drove for 20 minutes until I arrived at the bakery I work at, I'm not a baker I just work the till and make coffees the easy stuff basically.

I arrived at work, checked in and got ready to open the shop. I decided that since I had a few minutes to kill I would call my brother Joe.

(Conversation between her and Joe)

A: hey Joe you doing anything right now or do you have time for a quick chat?

J: I always have time for my baby sister what's up?

A: Nothing much I have about 2 minutes till I open the bakery! How's collage?

J: it's good I'm really enjoying myself but I miss my two favorite girls how are you both?

A: we're both great I have to go now love you lots

J: love you too bye

(End of phone call)

I went and opened the doors of the bakery prepared for another 6 hours of serving cakes to people

In the past 4 hours only 5 people came in and they all got take away so I barely did anything just got them what they wanted from the counter

Thank God I only have 2 hours left, I decided that so little people had come in that I might as well listen to some music.

I got my iPod out and started listening to One Direction, my favorite band EVER! They're awesome. Whenever I listen ten I dance around they have such beautiful voices and they are all so hot but Niall is definitely my favorite.

I began dancing around with my eyes closed; I didn't even here the door open I was interrupted from my dancing by someone's laughter.

I looked up embarrassed and saw that the laughter came from a boy who looked about 18, I put my glasses back on so I could see him more easily and almost dropped my IPod out of shock, it wasn't any old boy it was Harry Styles from One Direction!

"Umm hi sorry about that I didn't realize anyone was there" I said embarrassed that he saw me dancing like that.

"Don't worry about it, what’s your name and what were you dancing to?" He asked in his GORGEOUS voice

"Umm no one it doesn't matter and my name is Anna" I muttered I couldn't tell him I was listening to his band

Before I could try and think if another band he lent across the counter and took my IPod

"Wait no please don't listen, oh god I'm so embarrassed" I rambled on

"NO JIMMY PROTESTED" said a voice not belonging to Harry

I looked towards the door and saw Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne coming through the door

I fangirled inside so badly 3/5 of my favorite band was standing in front of me!

"Louis I told you we can't get a dog, Paul said no" Liam was explaining to Louis

" You were listening to us?" Harry exclaimed

"Umm no?" I said

"Then how come it says so on your iPod which I am holding and it is playing through your headphones, I didn't change it so I think it was probably you" Harry explained

"Umm it's lying?" I asked more then said

"I don't think it is you were listening and dancing to us, we seem to have a little fan on our hands" Harry chuckled

" Okay fine yeah I you're my favorite band and I was dancing around embarrassingly to your song that's what makes you beautiful" I sighed

" Awe that's so cute so am I your favorite" Harry asked

"NO I AM" Louis shouted

"Louis I told you about shouting earlier use your inside voice" I heard the Daddy Direction himself tell of Louis just like I had said to Ella this morning

"Umm sorry but Niall's my favorite" I said to the guys

"They always go for the Irish one" Harry muttered whilst Louis pretended to cry into Liam's shoulder

"It's okay BooBear you're my favorite" Harry said to Louis

I let out a small squeak of excitement, which was returned with a confused look on the boy’s faces

"Larry Stylinson moment" I said whilst shrugging

"Anyway what can I get you, since I assume you came in to get something to eat" I asked the boys suddenly remembering my job

"I'M SO HUNGRY" came an Irish voice through the door followed by someone saying "dude slow down"

My eyes widened whilst Harry had a smirk on his face, Niall and Zayn had just come through the door One Direction were in front of me

"Excuse me one minute I have to get something from the stockroom" I said whilst walking out the back

"AHHHH ONE DIRECTION ARE IN MY BAKERY AHHHH" I shouted and giggled with happiness

I walked back out to serve the boys an found them laughing

"What's so funny?" I asked them

Harry smiled at me whilst saying in a high pitch voiced "AHHHH ONE DIRECTION ARE IN MY BAKERY AHHHH so you’re a little excited" he asked?

My eyes widened in horror, I never said that I muttered 'it was my twin sister"

The boys all laughed and said "sure" extending the ‘e’ in a disbelieving tone

"Okay so what do you boys want from my bakery?" I asked the boys trying to get the attention off of me

"FOOD" a certain Irish person said

 "Niall I just told Louis off for shouting we had this discussion earlier inside voices" Liam told Niall off.

"Sorry, I’ll have a hot chocolate and six croissants" Niall asked me

"Sure I’ll put 8 in though cause you will probably want, what do the rest of you want?" I asked the boys.

They looked at me surprised, "what?" I asked

"Do you not think that's a lot?" Zayn asked me

"Umm no I'm a Directioner remember" I said

"Ohhhh that makes sense most other people think its for all of us and we don't get enough" Zayn said whilst pouting

"Awe don't worry Zayn what would you like to eat?" I asked him.

The boys all told me their orders and I got them for them handed it to them and said goodbye.

I was sad that I wasn't going to see them again. They are really cool people I thought to myself

"WAIT" I heard someone shout to me

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