Live While We're Young

Most 18 year olds are out with their friends on a Friday night but not Anna she is at home looking after a 3 year old. Anna's parents died when she was just 16 leaving her and her brother to raise their little sister Ella. One day whilst she was at the bakery she works in, 5 boys walk in but these aren't ordinary boys, no they're One Direction. The boys and Anna become close friends, but how will Anna survive the drama especially when its about Niall, her favourite member of the band...


1. Chapter 1

Anna's P.O.V 

"Ella honey please put on your shoes for mummy,” I pleaded with my 3-year-old sister.

About two years ago when I was 16, my brother was 18 and Ella was 1, my parents were in a horrible car crash, they were driving home from a party one night when a drunk driver hit them from the side killing then both. The worst part was the driver in the other car only broke his leg. 

I remember that night really clearly


"Anna have you cleaned upstairs mum and dad will be home soon,” my brother Joe shouted up the stairs

"Yes Joe I have also put Ella to bed so could you please stop shouting" I replied

"Okay sorry I forgot about that come down stairs so we can finish this movie" he lowered his voice.

I walked downstairs and joined Joe in the living room completely unaware of the news we would be receiving in about 10 minutes.

*Knock* Knock*

"Mum and dad must have forgotten their keys again!" I said whilst rushing to the door to greet my parents. Joe came with me probably to do the same.

I opened the door and was about to say hi mum, but it wasn't my mum at the door. It was a police officer.

"Good evening are you the children of Adam and Lucy Hastings?" The officer asked

Joe replied first "yes sir we are is there a problem?"

The officer gave us a sad look as if he pitied as and felt bad for us "I'm afraid there has been a serious collision involving your parents, I'm here to bring you to the hospital"

I burst into tears "I’ll go and get Ella" I mumbled whilst crying

I ran upstairs and got Ella out of her crib, "Mama?" She asked  

"No honey it's Anna we are going to see Mama and Dada" I replied whilst grabbing her nappy bag. I rushed downstairs with Ella in my arms and followed Joe out into the car.

When we arrived at the hospital we went straight to our parents room.

"Mum, Dad?" I whispered

They didn't reply, a nurse came in and told us that it wasn't likely that they were going to survive as they both had severe head injuries.

When she said this a burst into tears again. "No please don't die I love you please" I pleaded with them, but I was returned with the beeping if the machines currently keeping then alive.

I could hear Joe crying as well. Ella was too little to understand what was going on but she knew I was upset so she was stoking my hair saying "shh" just like I did to her when she was upset

Suddenly both of their machines started rapidly beeping, and then it was long constant beep

"No" I shouted, " you can't die please" I cried into Joe's arms "shh it's alright Anna I will look after us don't worry"


For two years Joe was our legal guardian but when I turned 18 we changed it to me so that Joe could go off to college

We tried getting Ella to call me by my first name but she kept calling me Mummy, however she never called Joe daddy, he was known as uncle Joe.

I finished school and got a job when I was 18. Not that I needed it, it turns out our parents had saved A LOT of money for a rainy day, enough for our lifetime to live comfortably, but I wanted a job so that I had something to do when Ella was at nursery.

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