Let the Dead Lie & Other Stories

Welcome, fair readers to this little corner of the darkness around us, By picking up this anthology, you are willing to expose yourself to the dark recesses of my mind, in the forms of stories ofcourse. So please, sit back, relax, and delve into the abyss with me as the darkness enraptures us within each of these short stories...


2. Let Me Conclude the Story

 ~Let The Dead Lie~

 “I wouldn't do that,” Connor stopped, looking into the bush in front of him emerged another boy of about his age and height with earthen brown hair and cold, soulless grey eyes. He wore overalls and a buttoned down shirt that appeared to be white, but, it was tattered and filthy by what looked like ash and something of a sickly brownish black color.

   “Why shouldn't I?” Connor replied, lowering the rock a bit, all the while something in the back of his mind screamed for him to run. His friend stared uncomfortably at the other boy who stepped ever closer to them until he was practically on them.

   “Let me ask you, do you believe in ghosts?” he glared, “Well…?”

   “No such thing, watch…” And with a stupid grin on his face he dropped the rock to the horror of his friend and to the disdain of the other. It came crashing down with a loud thud that seemed to echo throughout the entire place. The ball came free, but the grave marker was now thoroughly cracked and damaged; a large chunk of the grave marker slid off onto the ground with a mournful thud. “See, nothing happened?” Connor smiled as he picked up the ball and began to walk away.

   “Put. It. Back.” The other boy suddenly began to snarl like that of a wild animal. His eyes began to turn into black soulless sockets as he moved towards the retreating boys.

   “C-C-Connor…. I think you should really put the stone back in place and say you’re sorry…” his friend cowered, separating from his friend as he blindly stepped backwards into another grave, to which he tripped and fell. There was a scream and that chilled his blood, without a second thought he ran for the wall.

   “Now you’ll see what happens when you disrespect the dead!” he heard the boy cackle as he heard the sound of heavy footsteps following after him. He began to run blindly through thickets and bushes as the sounds of screams and moans began to rip into his ears until they bled. “SAY YOU’RE SORRY!” it screamed, it, being the voices in the air.

   Now, if he’d been a little calmer, he’d have noticed that he was about to reach a steep hill to which, there was iron grated fence at the bottom. Well… unfortunately, he didn't and so he flung himself over his heels down the hill, tumbling as he went until well… he stuck himself on the fence.

   “I’m… sorry…” he cried in pain as he held his stomach which had been gored by the fence. Sliding down to the ground he slumped down next to a gravestone which now was bathing in his blood which, may I say looked rather beautiful in the moonlight, like a pond of ink. “Please… I’m sorry… “

   “I know you are but,” the other boy came skulking down the hill, “it’s too late, you've a debt to be paid now…” Sitting down beside the wounded child he took him in hand and quieted his whimpers of dying pain and suffering.  “Now just close your eyes and let the darkness take over…”

   There was a pause in the crowd until one of the friends that tagged along in your endeavor speaks up. Hmm, what happened you ask? Simple, our friend Connor became a resident of the cemetery he so sought to defile with his distasteful arrogance. How do I know? Well, why don’t you prove it Connor? Come on out here.

   “Why should I?” calls a slightly cocky teenage voice. Everyone looked around to find the source of the voice; perhaps this kid’s we've been listening to put a radio or something behind one of the stones. “See, they don’t believe in us…”

   “Alright, knock it off!” someone calls turning their head to the tombstone the kid they had been listening to was on, but now was gone.  Ha, coward’s run off one of your friend’s calls, another mentions that they should get on with the séance before it gets too late. As you get up I watch you from the shadows, oh wait, aren't you curious as to why you can hear me? Then there is a sickening crack of and dull thud under your feet causing you to freeze.

   “Oh now look what you've done… you broke it…” comes a voice but no owner, am I hallucinating, this maybe what you’re hearing as you slowly split off from the group, heading towards a steep hill. “Watch your step,” whispers a voice in your ear right as you are shoved down the hill and into a fence of wrought iron. Now, as you may be laying dazed and confused let me tell what will happen as my two friends here hold you against the lovely fence. I can’t help but laugh at your discomfort, and the fears in your eyes are quite well, enticing to me.

   “Can we keep this one?” one shyly calls, “I’m lonely.”

   “What do you think Connor?” another voice pries. As I emerge from the shadows I smile with my empty black sockets in full display. Watching up to you, my hand will gently rub against your chilling cheek as I whisper in your ears as the darkness enraptures you.

   “Let me ask you something… Do you believe in ghosts…?”

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