The Girl In The Mirror

For the Halloween competition. A little piece I wrote on the idea HALLOWEEN.


1. The Girl In The Mirror

Alone, I sat. My eyes gazing into my reflection. I took my pearl comb and brushed it through my hair, smiling at myself. With lovely brown eyes, and perfect black hair. I was beautiful. I was the girl you all wanted to be. I look at the silver mirror. My grandmother had gave it to me, before she died. But she always told me it was enchanted. As if an mirror was enchanted. I had the perfect life except, you didn't know how it feels to live with parents who couldn't stand each other.

"I hate you! You always use all our money up just for a pint, what does a pint mean to you?" my mother shouted.

"I have to drink. I never asked you why you spend thousands of pounds having cosmetic surgery. Do I?" my father slurred, shoving my mother violently.

I turned around, my father was drunk. With hair too long and greasy, and boiled egg eyes. I was glad I did not look like him. I look at my mother, with her perfect black hair, and brown eyes as she stands in perfection. I always wondered how ever did my mother marry my father. Never will I know. I adored my mother, but hated it when she got into fights with my father. Both of them at each other throats. You would guess that they were Tom and Jerry. Not parents to a sixteen year old girl, who they never care bout.

"I do not spend thousand of pounds, nor do I ever do cosmetic surgery!" my mother shouts.

"Enough!" I shout, throwing my comb onto the mirror, watching as it leaves a dent.

I had enough.

"I hate you both! I wish you were dead!" I shout, storming off to my room.

I run to my room, shutting the door with a loud bang, then jump onto my messy bedroom. They didn't understand, how much there argument hurt me. I sob hard, tears trickling down my cheek. I hate them. So much. It's always hard when they fight. I can't ask them to help me in homework, even invite my friends here. But most of all, they don't even remember my birthday. Every year on my birthday, I would run downstairs excited, hoping they would give me a birthday present. They didn't even acknowledge me. Not even a happy birthday sweetheart. I was unloved, in pain, but most of all angry. Angry at them for fighting all the time, and not even thinking about me.

I close my eyes, into a dreamless sleep. I wake up, it's pitch black. Is it night? Great, just like them not to even wake me, or console me. I run downstairs, expecting to see my parents. But what I see shocks me. There they lie. My mother, a long deep cut under her neck, scarring away her perfection, and my father, his head cut off. Yuck! No! I look away, trying not to puke. Who could have done this? I have to call the police. I look around for my phone, then realize it's still near the mirror, when this morning I was brushing my hair. I walk towards the mirror, and see it shining. I blink open my eyes repeatedly, was it a trick my eye was seeing. I suddenly see a reflection of me. But not me. A girl who looks like me, except with blood red eyes, and blood coming from her mouth. Blood stained her dress, and splattered over her hands. I gasp, then look at my hands. They were clean. Then back at the girl's hand which were stained with blood. I scream in terror. Suddenly my reflection stops staring into the mirror. But picks up a shard of glass. I realize that without me doing anything. I pick it up too, and place it next to my neck. I try stopping it, but it's like a powerful force. No! I don't want to die?

"Your evil Emma! You killed your parents" the girl in the mirror spits out, blood coming from where the shard of glass scratches her neck, just like mine.

"No. I didn't kill them." I protest valiantly.

"You wished they were dead." the girl in the mirror explains in disgust.

"I was just angry. I didn't mean it. I don't want them dead. I don't want to die." I cry, tears staining my shirt.

"Yes you did. Now you killed them, and your next." the girl in the mirror smirks, with a cruel smile placed on her lips.

"No!" I exclaim loudly, as the shard of glass digs into my neck, blood pouring from the cut.

"Too late Emma! It's your turn to die. Your a bad girl." the girl in the mirror says, as she coughs out blood.

I collapse on the floor, coughing out blood. Help! Pain and agony flood into me. The last thing I see before I drift off into the darkness, is the mirror collapsing on me, with the girl in the mirror staring at me.


Headline News.

A house which belonged to a couple and there daughter was caught in fire. Before, the firefighters got there, it was too late. Two bodies were found. Which have been identified as the husband Anthony and his wife Juliet. There sixteen year old daughter body was not found. but there was a silver mirror. Which had not been burnt in the fire, and will go to the next door couple with their young daughters.


I slip the newspaper into my pocket, and force a cruel smile on my lips.

I'm coming for you! You're a bad girl. You're next.

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