could he be the one

what will happen when Louis Tomlinson's mum marries Naomi's dad will they be the step siblings from hell or with they get along great or will Louis get over protective when she falls for one of his friends 3 different fates which one will they go down or will it be all 3


7. chapter 6

Naomi's p.v.o

I woke up tossing and turning, cloths sticking to me and tears streaming down my face. There was a knock at the door "come in" I said more like whisper "hey mi I hear screaming and I came to see if you were alright" Lou said sitting on the end of my bed we have gotten a lot closer in the past couple of weeks we both forgot about the kiss and now hes going out with Ivey. Tomorrow well today really I'm meeting the boys. "Yeah its just a dream I always have." I explain "what's it about?" "Just the night..." He pulled me into a hug not saying anythimg "get some sleep" he said as he got up "Lou wait" "yeah?" "Stay with me" I asked shyly "sure" he got under the covers with me I moved closer to him and fell into a deep sleep. 


I woke up with strong arms wrapped around as I rembered what happened last night I felt someone stir next to me as look up Louis was awake "morning" "good morning mi" " what time are we meeting the boys?" I asked "10 and its 9 now" "shoot I got to get ready" I said as I jumped out of bed and into the bathroom. I had a quick shower the went to go get ready by then Louis had left I curled my hair applied some light make-up and chose my out fit some tie dye shorts a white crop top that said 'you have to be odd to be number one' and my green vans. By the time I was done Louis called my name I went down stairs almost triping laughing Louis said "you ready" "yes and its rude to laugh' I said whilst pouting " I'm sorry" "good!" We go in his car and went to Starbucks. When we got there we found them at a table near a window we all orders our drinks then Louis introduced us "guys this is my soon to be step sister Naomi. Naomi this is Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry" "hey" the all said at the same time I laughed and said "nice to meet you all." We chatted for a couple of hours and I really got to know them they seem nice I got there numbers and said bye "it was nice to meet you all" I said whilst I gave them all a hug when k got to liam he whispered "I'll text to u later" "okay" I waved as me and Louis left "what did liam say" he asked after a while "nothing just that he'll text me later" "okay" "cool so how's you and ivey?" I asked becasue he hasn't said a lot about them "good I'm seeing her tonight because she has to tell me something so yeah" "aww" "shut up" then we arrived home. 


(A\N) heyy really sorry I haven't updated in ages but I swear I'm going to update more this week because I don't have school so let me know what you thought of this chapter sorry is its short and if you want me to read any of your books I would love to so comment below 




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