could he be the one

what will happen when Louis Tomlinson's mum marries Naomi's dad will they be the step siblings from hell or with they get along great or will Louis get over protective when she falls for one of his friends 3 different fates which one will they go down or will it be all 3


6. Chapter 5

Naomi's p.v.o 

when I got home I started to help Louis moving in we were putting his cloths away when he asked me "how should I ask Ivey to be my girlfriend" I thought for a moment and then I had the best idea so I said "I know tomorrow I will say that I'm not allowed to go surfing so then it will just be you two. And when the sun is setting u can have a picnic and you can get her a ring with the infinity sign on it so then she will say yes!!" "That is the best idea I have ever heard" Louis said hugging me. We looked into each others eyes we got closer and closer and then it just happend...  We kissed. It went on for a couple of minuets but I pulled away "we shouldn't have done that" "yeah that was a big mistake" agreed Louis but the more I thought about it. I was starting to actually like that we just kissed but I knew it was a bad idea. "I better go get the ring for tomorrow" Louis said as he left. 


Louis's p.v.o

I just said I was going to get the ring to let me have time to think about the kiss I mean I have loved her ever since I first saw her and I only made her life a living hell because I was to scared ad stupid to admitte I love. I mean I'm only going out with Ivey to show Naomi what a great guy I am.

She could be the one...  

But she won't feel the same... 


Naomi's p.v.o 

The more I thought about it the more I relized.

He could be the one... 

But he won't feel the same...

(A/N) hey guy sorry haven't updated in a while but I'm going to start again so comment what you think of this chapter and I will update soon. 

Luv u guy ~M


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