could he be the one

what will happen when Louis Tomlinson's mum marries Naomi's dad will they be the step siblings from hell or with they get along great or will Louis get over protective when she falls for one of his friends 3 different fates which one will they go down or will it be all 3


4. chapter 4

Naomi's P.V.O

after school today Louis and his mum were moving in I was kinda happy. when I walked into school my best friend Ivey "hey Naomi you still up for surfing after school"

 "I feel so bad but my dad is making me help his 'girlfriend' and her son moving I'm so sorry what bout tomorrow"

"sure but who is your dads 'girlfriends' son???" she aske curiously

"guess starts with L as first name and last name starts with T"


"yes but I don't want anyone to know yet okay"


then all of a sudden Louis put his hands over my eyes and said "guess who?"

"let me guess superman" I said cheekily

"no its me Louis"

"no I wanted superman"

"tough you got me"

"fine but let me introduce my SINGLE friend Ivey" I said single enthusiastic then Ivey hit my arm


then Louis butted in and said "hi I'm Louis nice to meet you Ivey"

"you too" she said then continued

"and I'll see you after school tomorrow Naomi so we can go surfing so I'll see you guys later"

"bye Ivey see you at lunch"


I looked at Louis who looked confused but then said "you surf??"

"yeah is anything wrong with that"

"no no no I just thought you didn't look like the surfing type"

"well I do surf do you?" I asked

"yeah I do actually" he said then I asked

"cool so do you wanna come with me and the SINGLE Ivey surfing tomorrow"

"sure and stop being enthusiastic with the word single because I was thinking I might ask her out soon so hahaha" I was so happy she has liked him for a while so I was happy

"yay you guys would make such a cute couple but I need to go to drama now so see ya"

"that's good because that's what I have now so i'll walk with you"

"cool" was all I said then I decided to text Ivey to tell her

To Ivey <3:

hey Louis's coming with us surfing tomorrow if that's okay X X X

she replied back

From Ivey:

yeah that's okay besides he so cute see you at lunch X X X


The rest of the day went by slowly then it was time to help them move in YAY!!

(A/N) hey guy sorry I didn't update yesterday twice I was really busy but I will try and update 2 more times today if I cant I will update 1 more time hope u like the chapter love ya all X X X :)


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