could he be the one

what will happen when Louis Tomlinson's mum marries Naomi's dad will they be the step siblings from hell or with they get along great or will Louis get over protective when she falls for one of his friends 3 different fates which one will they go down or will it be all 3


3. Chapter 3

Louis's P.V.O

her dad stayed silent but I asked her "what did u just say" she was now crying hard but continued "when I was at the motel someone came into my room and I got raped and its all my dads fault because he wanted to get rid of my to have sex with johanna most probabley" I was shocked why would any one do that to a 9 year old girl then I relised that she isn't all bad so I said to her "I am so sorry u had to go through that and I'm sorry for making your life a living hell after your mum died I'm sorry for every thing that I put you though I would never had done that if I had know what happened and I really really sorry can u please forgive me" as I looked at through saying all of the she started to stop cry "yes I forgive you but can you forgive me" she asked but I don't know why but I said "yes I can" and then we hugged it felt nice to not be at each other necks all the time.

Naomi's P.V.O 

when Louis said that I was happy that we could be friends so I said yes why wouldn't I then I aske him and he said yes I felt so happy then my dad started to talk but I could tell it wasn't going to be good "Naomi silver Moore why didn't you tell me that you got raped I would have done something" "of course you would have when it was really your fault" I spat back Louis look surprised that I had in me but before anyone could say anything I left. I heard footsteps behind me so I turned around it was Louis I run up to him and hug him he was shocked at the start but the he hung me back and whispered "everything will be alright" I said back "I hope so" then my dad came running out 

louis P.V.O 

Harvey came out and said "I would like to talk to Naomi alone please" so I walked away but I looked again to see they were hugging and I was happy they made up. 

Naomi's P.V.O

My dad said to me "Naomi I am so sorry I made u stay at that motel just so I could spend time with johanna and that you got raped" I said back through my tears "it's okay dad I forgive you" then we hugged and went back johanna pulled me away from my dad and Louis and said "sweetie I'm sorry that your dad put you in a motel and then you got you know please can you forgive me" "of course I can" I lied but she seemed to believe it. There moving in tomorrow I'm just looking forward to kinda have a bother 


(A/N) hi guys thx for reading this I only thought I would get about 2 people read it I will update tonight then Saturday twice and Sunday once maybe twice and then after that it will be onc but weekends will be twice because I go back to school on Monday love ya all X X X X :)

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