could he be the one

what will happen when Louis Tomlinson's mum marries Naomi's dad will they be the step siblings from hell or with they get along great or will Louis get over protective when she falls for one of his friends 3 different fates which one will they go down or will it be all 3


1. chapter 1

Naomi's P.V.O

I was on my way back from a boring day at school. Louis Tomlinson and his gang kept calling me names like a 'slut' and 'whore'. But before let me introduce myself I'm Naomi Moore my dads name is Harvey Moore my mum died when I was 9 and now I'm 18 I have no siblings I a lonely child now back to my day. I got a text from my dad


meet me at Nandos I have to tell you something!!!! X X X

I was getting worried last time he had to tell me something was when my mum died and that was the worst thing I could ever hear considering I was only 9.


when I arrived at Nandos Louis was there waiting for someone I guess so I just stood there waiting for my dad. when he arrived he was with someone I went up to him and said "hi" "hey darling how are you" my dad asked "fine you" "yeah shall we eat" "sure" I was still worried about the women he was with. Then Louis came over and said "hey mum" whilst giving her a hug "hiya hun ready to eat" "yep" he said popping the 'P'. As we sat down my dad said "Naomi this is Johanna and this is her son Louis." the Johanna said "and Louis this is Harvey and this is his daughter Naomi!" then my dad continued "and we have to tell you something..."

(A/N) hey guys this is my first book if you have any ideas kik me on mollymolly2002 if you have any ideas I'll update tomorrow maybe if I have time X X X X X ;)


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