The Legend

Halloween might just be fun and games for some, but to Scarlett and Georgia, it's a matter of life or death...


1. Waiting

'So your going to make me sit here all day just so we can explore it at night? What's the point in that, Georgia?' Scarlett quizzed, dropping her backpack to the pavement. Both girls sat on the curb, looking across the lot to the huge abandoned mental institution, watching as the forest behind it waved at them both in the wind.

'Yes, Scarlett. That way we can make sure that nothing is going to follow us inside, if anyone is following us anyway. And trust me, there are going to be plenty of people doing the same thing as were going to be doing tonight anyway.'

Scarlet shifted uncomfortably, moving her backpack in front of her so she could see it. At least Georgia was correct about one thing at least. There were people, the same as them, milling around, watching and waiting for the sky to grow dark.

'It'll be fun, honest' Georgia insisted, nudging Scarlet's shoulder. Scarlet's pale blonde ringlets twirled around her as they moved.

'God, I hope so. I don't deal too well with creepy things, G.'

Georgia giggled excitedly, wrapping an arm around Scarlet's shoulder. It might have been the middle of the day, but Scarlet could still sense bad things about the asylum. It was large, it was abandoned, and it screamed Help me.



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