The Legend

Halloween might just be fun and games for some, but to Scarlett and Georgia, it's a matter of life or death...


4. Shiver

Georgia watched her best friend walk away, her backpack high on her shoulders. Now Georgia was alone in the dark, about to wander the haunted institution.

'Come on Georgia, don't be a wuss.'

Georgia drew in a deep breath and shone the torch over the walls. She was totally going to do this. Just because her best friend had ditched her, in the place where best friends probably shouldn't ditch each other, didn't mean she was going to give up that easily. She'd been waiting all year for this night to come.

A cold spot. Georgia had just found a cold spot. Creepy and excited, Georgia continued down the abandoned corridor, dodging a gurney with bloody sheets. The air reeked of death and mould and dust. She almost screamed when a group of teenagers crossed the forking corridor in front of her.

One of them stopped and backtracked. It was a girl, tall and dark haired.

'Georgia? Georgia Metcalf?'

Georgia hurried forward, her footsteps pounding down the corridor. Someone knew her, that was good. That didn't mean she could walk by herself anymore.

'OhmiGod, Lilly!' Georgia cried, running now as she raced towards her friend. 'Lilly, I didn't see you, I'm sorry!'

Lilly laughed and pulled Georgia into a hug.

'It's good to see you. Come on, were heading upstairs. Apparently that's the most bloody and gruesome. There could be remains of a body or something.'

Georgia shivered. No matter how much fun that sounded, she still felt as though it was totally wrong.


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