The Legend

Halloween might just be fun and games for some, but to Scarlett and Georgia, it's a matter of life or death...


5. Screams

The group were on the last corridor, and it was Georgia who heard it first.

'Did you guys hear that?' she asked, spinning on the spot. It had been a scream, loud and high pitched. They turned a corner, the wooden floorboards creaking as they walked.

'What? Hear what?'

'That scream, I'm pretty sure I heard a...'

Another scream pierced through the air, this one much closer.

'I think it came from down their.'

The group headed down the stairs at the end of the corridor, and when they burst out of the wooden double doors, a girl was hovering over a body on the floor, covered in blood.

'What on earth...'

'Call an ambulance!' the girl screeched as they approached. 'Call the quickly! He was stabbed! The man stabbed him!'

'What? A man stabbed him! Why?'

'I don't know, he just...Oh no, there he is! He's there!'

They all looked down the other end of the corridor, only to see a man in a cape, holding out a bloody knife.

'This is a joke, right?' Georgia asked, pointing the torch at the mysterious figure at the end of the corridor. She looked back to the body, only to watch the man on the floor shake his head.

'No... he, he stabbed me.'


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