The Legend

Halloween might just be fun and games for some, but to Scarlett and Georgia, it's a matter of life or death...


2. Night Fall

Night fell thick and fast, the once bright blue sky spinning wildly into pitch black fog. Georgia and Scarlet had dressed down for the occasion, and both of them were totally glad for it. Georgia and Scarlet dug through their bags for their flashlights, something Scarlet felt safe with, although it still didn't make a difference to how creepy the asylum was.

'See how many people turned up?' Georgia spoke, motioning to a small crowd of all sorts of people, although it mostly centred around teenagers and young adults.

'I suppose. But that still doesn't make it less freaky, G. This is flat out scary.'

'It'll be fine, Scarlet. Just think of how much fun it'll be when were in there? We might even see some spirits of those who were killed. Remember that article I told you about?'

'Who would forget it?' Scarlet muttered, as both of them stood and began to walk across the lot. All of the groups went straight ahead, cutting through the metal fence that separated the car park from the building and grounds around it.


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