The Legend

Halloween might just be fun and games for some, but to Scarlett and Georgia, it's a matter of life or death...


3. Alone

'I guess we can go where ever we want from here' Georgia observed, watching after every group take a different entrance. 'It seems as though most people are scoping out the grounds first. What do you want to do first?'

'The first thing I want to do is leave. I hate it here! I can't believe I agreed to come with you. Even from here I can see blood on the walls, Georgia. I don't think this is such a good idea.'

Georgia sighed, flicking on her light. Then she began to trek over the soft grass, her footsteps soft and gentle as she began to explore.

'Hey, don't leave me!' Scarlet finally called out, as soon as she noticed Georgia wasn't waiting for her. Scarlet shivered as the wind picked up, the sound echoing all around her. It sent multiple shivers down her spine.

Georgia reached one of the side doors, and with one giant tug, she managed to open it. The painted door crumbled under her fingers, and she screeched when a rat scurried out in front of her.

'Told you it was a bad idea. There could be parasites, or worse, VERMIN.'

'Give up, Scarlet! I'm not leaving! You can go if you want too.'

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