The Curse of The Pumpkin

*For the Trick or Treat comp*
Tonight's the night, the day I wait for, I dream of, I believe in. It's not like Christmas, where some of it's made up, and it's not like your birthday where you don't do anything.
This is Halloween.


2. Trick Or Treat?

We went round all of Little Wood, getting a few odd glares and stares from some people.

You never know who will answer the door. Sometimes it's someone fat, sometimes skinny. They might be really tall, and have to bend down to get out of the door to give you sweets, or you might be taller than them. They might be smiley and all happy to give you sweets. Or they might snap at you and tell you to go away.

Also, you never know what type of life they're living. A nice family one, with children and happy holidays and no quarrelling between the parents. Or a little loner one, where it's an elderly granny who gets over the moon when her grandchildren visit her as they're the only thing in her life as her husband has died. Or they can just be plain loners, who don't have a reason for living on their own.

I try and look inside the house, when people answer the door, even though Ruby and Chloe tell me that it's rude. I like seeing if they have pets, cats or dogs, both or neither. I like looking at their furniture, trying to tell if they're rich or poor.

We visited one house that we never should've seen, discovered, walked up the drive way, knocked on the door. That house was truly haunted, not by a ghost.... but by a pumpkin. Just thinking to my self about it sends a shiver down my spine and one simple question to my head.

How could we have been so stupid?

The house we visited was empty, but we didn't know that. Otherwise we wouldn't have made the biggest mistake in our life. Ever.

We walked up the drive to house number 13, Dead Lane. Our legs were shaking and numb from the cold wind. Ruby knocked on the door. There was no answer. Chloe rang the door bell, even though we could see it was broken. No answer. I lifted up the letterbox and called through, as loud as I could, "Trick or treat?"

I got an answer.

An answer I did not want.

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