The Curse of The Pumpkin

*For the Trick or Treat comp*
Tonight's the night, the day I wait for, I dream of, I believe in. It's not like Christmas, where some of it's made up, and it's not like your birthday where you don't do anything.
This is Halloween.


3. The Request

It was crazy but the answer didn't come from inside the house, it came from the freaky pumpkin in front of the door, just sitting there on the floor. It was acting innocent, but I knew it was evil. I could just tell.

"TRICK!" The pumpkin shouted into the lonely air.

"Um, we weren't really talking to you," Chloe's teeth were chattering as she spoke to him.

"Well then, you appear to be talking to no-one. No-one has lived in this house for hundreds of years. Every one says it's haunted. But surely I wouldn't be able to haunt a whole house, would I? I'm to cute aren't I? Oh yeah, by the way, my name is Mr. Pumpkin. Nice to meet you," The pumpkin replied.

"Hi, I'm er Jasmine, but you can call me Jazzy. And this is Ruby and Chloe," I gestured towards my friends.

"Do you think you could help me? I'm ever so hungry, as I only get fed on Halloween night, so could you enter the house and find me some food?" Mr. Pumpkin.


I could be mistaken, but as we entered the house I could've sworn that I heard Mr. Pumpkin cackle.

We entered the house and searched for some and the girls found some jelly beans and just casually put them at the bottom of our trick or treating bags. It's not like the pumpkin was going to see we had them, as they were hidden. We found a banana and exited the house. I gave the banana to Mr. Pumpkin.

"Well, it was lovely talking to you. But we really must go," Chloe told Mr. Pumpkin.

"Are you sure you haven't got anything that isn't yours?" Mr. Pumpkin asked.

I blushed and was ready to admit the small crime we had committed.

But Ruby got there first, "We're sure."

All of a sudden it got very windy, and stuff was flying around. We were trying to fight against the air but they were to strong.

Mr. Pumpkin couldn't hold it in any longer.

His bellowing voice let out a very powerful and evil, "Mwhahahahaha!"

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