The Curse of The Pumpkin

*For the Trick or Treat comp*
Tonight's the night, the day I wait for, I dream of, I believe in. It's not like Christmas, where some of it's made up, and it's not like your birthday where you don't do anything.
This is Halloween.


6. Hate Halloween

So, in conclusion, I hate Halloween!

And my message is to never trust Mr. Pumpkin.

But to this day (And many more) there will always be a party in our living room, with witches who are making plans to throw us into their cauldron, there will always be a devil who I'm sure is doubling up as Mr. Pumpkin, some thing hiding in our wardrobe, or a horrible, ugly monster under our bed.

Finally, we will always be joined at the hip and never be able to talk.

So I'm afraid that I hate Halloween, and I know Chloe and Ruby do too.

We made the biggest mistake ever, so I warn you not do make that mistake, because it will cost you your life.

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