The Curse of The Pumpkin

*For the Trick or Treat comp*
Tonight's the night, the day I wait for, I dream of, I believe in. It's not like Christmas, where some of it's made up, and it's not like your birthday where you don't do anything.
This is Halloween.


5. Ghosties, Ghoulies and Everything Nasty

We went back to my mum's house, and wrote on paper what had happened. I don't think that she believed us at first, so she tried to separate us apart. Ruby had no arms, as she was in the middle which I found quite hilarious to be absolutely honest.

We slept on mum's king size bed, and she slept on my single bed. Mum text Chloe's and Ruby's parents, to let them know about the tiny situation.

In the middle of the night, I heard my name being called. I got out of bed which kinda caused the other two to come with me. Soon it wasn't just my name being called. but Ruby's and Chloe's too.

"Roooooouby, Chloooooooooooe, annnnnnnd Jaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzy Waaaaaaazzzzy," An old voice moaned. As we walked so did it. We could hear it moving.

We ran really fast, like sprinted into the living room.

We froze.

We gasped.

We turned pale.

In unison.

We were close to fainting.

What we saw was insane. I had a brainwave, maybe it was part of the curse. I tried to open  my mouth to tell the others but couldn't.


In my living room was all sorts of monsters; real life ghosts, who were chatting up ghouls. There was werewolves, howling away, while staring at the moon. There was even Witches with their black cats, broomsticks and cauldrons. Finally I saw it, the devil.

Suspiciously it had the same cheeky grin and evils eyes as silly old Mr. Pumpkin.

Those characters have haunted me ever since. No, not since a few hours ago, I've been talking about last years Halloween.

They hide in your wardrobe, and jump out and shout, "BOO!"

Sometimes they hide under your bed.

But usually they have a party in your living room, and take it in turns to lure you down.

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