Haunted mansion of terror

Jimmy gets pranked by his friends into a haunted mansion. He decided to investigate the mansion because he wants to meet ghosts, witches or zombies just anything spooky. All it is is terror in every room! Unfortunately he can't find his way out! Will he get out?


2. Truth Or Dare

The little misunderstanding with his gang had blown. During break time at his stupid school called Bridgegate School he was playing the Zombies game with his gang. He was always getting into trouble, but when he wasn't in detention, he was always playing Zombies..

They pretended they were in a terrifying mansion filled with monsters of all sorts: Vampires, witches, ghosts, ghouls, monsters and were were wolfs. 

Soon after they started to feel bored. They agreed to play Truth Or Dare. Unluckily (for Jimmy) he got picked. He decided to chose dare. They chose that when they were going trick or treating (after school) Jimmy would have to go into a house with the number 57. 

For the last lessons of the day Jimmy didn't concentrate. He just thought about what kind of house number 57 could be. His day dreaming was over when the bell for the end of school was rang. He got from his chair and started the walk to home. Then his friend shouted out "5:00 at my house!" Jimmy felt cautious.

When he got home he was silent. Angrily, he stomped up the stairs and entered his room. He stared at his vampire costume and shoved it on. Then memory's came to his mind. He thought of who could own the mansion, what's in it, is there candy?

He looked at his clock 4:45 already. Just at that moment, he leapt out of his room and scuttled down the stairs. He rapidly rushed towards the door and pulled it open. Rain was pouring down with howling wind swaying you.

Finally he got to the house... 


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