Haunted mansion of terror

Jimmy gets pranked by his friends into a haunted mansion. He decided to investigate the mansion because he wants to meet ghosts, witches or zombies just anything spooky. All it is is terror in every room! Unfortunately he can't find his way out! Will he get out?


5. More Tough Challenges

After a hardworking battle Jimmy won! But there were others to defeat. He had no idea who he had to face next.

"That was the starter! Really? That was extremely hard!"

He heard the vampire wailing frequently. "Right time for the next challenge!" He crept along the corridor and stared at the door. He felt determined that he would defeat the evil. Cautiously he opened the door and saw nothing. Without knowing a ghost came out of the chimney. Jimmy said

"This will be easy because I can walk through you and touch you but you can't do that to me!"

"Well you don't know what we're capable off!" Jimmy was surprised as the ghost stretched out his long, slobbery tongue. The ghost just looked at him as he searched around the room. Jimmy found the sweets and sneaked them into his pocket. Then he said,

"Can't find them in here!" The ghost was smarter than Jimmy thought. He stretched out his tongue and grabbed Jimmy by the neck. 

"I know you have hand it over!" Jimmy pulled his tongue and the ghost was injured. Jimmy ran for life as he slammed the door and locked it. The ghost put his tongue in a gap. Jimmy didn't want to risk losing the sweets. He moved onto the next room. Worriedly he opened the door...

He saw 2 wicked witches that were making a spell. They had tall, black hats and lime green skin colour. Straight away he saw they were putting the sweets into the cauldron. But how could Jimmy get them? That was his chance they had gone to get the potions. No one was guarding the cauldron. He tip-toed in a fast way towards the cauldron. He cheekily tilted the cauldron towards the witches. Goo poured out as it surrounded the witches, it was very sticky so they couldn't move. Then he picked out the sweets and again succeeded by locking the door. He had done 3/5 challenges.

He opened the next door and saw a werewolf. It constantly howled. He could see the sweets were in his mouth! He crept up behind the werewolf and nudged him at the head. The sweet fell out of his mouth. They battled for the sweet like it was a teddy bear. The werewolf howled so he knew it was getting angry. He pulled with all his strength and was able to take the sweet. He locked the door and felt relived. Then he said,

"Last one finally!" He opened the door and there were zombies. One of them signaled "calm down". Then they revealed they were his friends.

"Were you all of those monsters?"

"No just the zombies. We started to feel worried so we tried to free you. But we were told to go in here. You see this is all of our Halloween costumes. We got in by a entrance or exit at the back." "Well lets go home!" At home Jimmy and his friends shared the sweets equally. He had had enough of horror for one day! 











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