Haunted mansion of terror

Jimmy gets pranked by his friends into a haunted mansion. He decided to investigate the mansion because he wants to meet ghosts, witches or zombies just anything spooky. All it is is terror in every room! Unfortunately he can't find his way out! Will he get out?


4. Haunting Begins

Slowly he walks up to the gate nervously. It was about 3 times the size of him. He pulled it back while making an ear-splitting creaking noise. He took a deep breath and stepped in. Following after him he stepped with his other foot. As quick as a flash the gate slammed darn shut. Jimmy glanced back and looked ahead of him.

There were creepy cob-webs hanging on joints. Spooky pumpkins glowed up the mansion. Even though the gate was tall, now the mansion was about 10 times the height this time. But it was 20 times the width of Jimmy. Jimmy walked towards the mansion thinking, I can do it, don't be scared it's just a mansion. He pulled the door open and stepped inside...

When he opened his eyes he saw 5 doors. The reason he cane in here was to get the sweets. He also wanted to prove the boys that he wasn't scared. So the sweets were in one of the rooms or were they shared? The only way to find out was to enter the rooms. There next to him was a sign saying start in order, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th or you will get the haunting of your life! Jimmy went towards the first door and pulled it open...

There was a blur. Something jumped across the room like a kangaroo. Then I saw it was a blood-sucking vampire. It had vicious teeth and black and red costume. It was crouched in a corner looking at the wall. Jimmy was wondering if it would turn around and suck his blood. Unusually it didn't. Jimmy started looking for the sweets but he couldn't find them. Suddenly he saw the vampire was eating them in the corner, one by one in the corner. He walks towards the vampire and puts his hand out to retrieve the sweets. The vampire scowled at him viciously. Jimmy ran towards the corner feeling anxious. The vampire leapt after him accidentally spilling the sweets on the floor. Jimmy ran round him and picked up the sweets. He bursted for victory by opening the door and then locking it shut. The vampire was defeated!

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