Haunted mansion of terror

Jimmy gets pranked by his friends into a haunted mansion. He decided to investigate the mansion because he wants to meet ghosts, witches or zombies just anything spooky. All it is is terror in every room! Unfortunately he can't find his way out! Will he get out?


3. Details Of The Dare

Out of breath he knocked on the door. One of his friends opened it and he rushed upstairs. Surprisingly there was a skeleton dangling in front of him. He pushed it to the side and stepped deeper into the room. Then all the boys in there hiding places crept up on him  and shouted "BOO!" But Jimmy didn't get scared. He stood still like a confident knight. When the boys realized he wasn't scared they gathered around him. 

"So these are the rules,

No electrical technology.

But you can scream all you like! So don't be afraid to scream!

Ready to go in there and steal delicious sweets!"

"Ummm, yeah for sure!"

Then they all went for the challenge Jimmy had to face. It was bad for Jimmy because the night was perfect for getting freaked out. The wind was wild, Lightning flashed, Thunder roared. Finally they saw the ancient gates leading to the nightmare mansion!



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