my love for Niall

Demy's forced to take guitar lessons by niall horan, her boyfriend breaks up with her but then he gets jealous from Niall, and trouble happens. her dad asked niall to be her bodyguard without her knowing cz she will disapproves. So niall asks her out to stay close to her but what will happen when she'll find out?


58. ruining the moment:

Lucy's POV:

they're all looking at me with hate looks while i just stood there, i don't belong here, niall hates me. "umm harry told me and i- umm i came to say congrats" i told demy making her smile. "thankyou lucy that's nice of you, have a seat" she said when niall looked at her with surprised looks. "i- i get it niall, i'll just go" i said then turned around wanting to run as fast as i could but i ran into harry's chest, he hugged me and rubbed my back, i felt tears run down my cheeks. "you're not going anywhere, l love you okay?" he said.

Demy's POV:

"niall can i talk to you?" i asked then we both stood up and went to the kitchen while lucy and harry sat down. "niall babe i already asked you nicely to not do anything that hurts lucy, if she hasn't saved me, mike might have raped me" i said. "but i didn't do anything, i just.. look i've dated her before, she cheated on me and that's why we broke up, whether she saved u or not, she kidnapped you first" he said. "i-i didn't know that. just give her a chance niall maybe she really loves harry" i said hugging him while he kissed my neck. "can you believe that we're gonna have a baby?" i asked making him laugh. "you're gonna be an amazing mother did u know that?" he asked then we kissed again when louis came in. "sorry just wanted to drink water" he said. "everybody keeps ruining the moment these days" niall said sarcastically.

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