my love for Niall

Demy's forced to take guitar lessons by niall horan, her boyfriend breaks up with her but then he gets jealous from Niall, and trouble happens. her dad asked niall to be her bodyguard without her knowing cz she will disapproves. So niall asks her out to stay close to her but what will happen when she'll find out?


44. kick his butt:

Demy's POV:

when i was in there, all i could hear was Perrie scream, yell at him and cry. i felt guilty, but really it was mike who broke up with me and slapped me, i didn't do anything to him.

as i was thinking Mike pushed Perrie inside then shut the door and locked it, she had messy hair, puffy eyes, ripped Shirt, and mascara all over her face.

"perrie what did he do to you?" i asked when she cried harder. "h- he r-rap" she said when i cut her off. "it's okay don't continue, don't worry i'm sure someone will find us" i said. how dare he rape my best friend? if i had a chance i could really kill him, he's getting on my last nerves, besides i miss Niall, he probably called me a thousand times today.

Niall's POV:

"is Perrie answering your phone?" i asked Zayn. "no i'm worried sick" he replied. "what should we do?" i asked again. "you should wait until tomorrow, they're probably busy with the whole wedding preparation that they ignored their phones" Louis answered. we decided to agree with him and go perform on stage without worrying of anything.

Demy's POV:

"in case the boys didn't find us and we escaped somehow or someone else found us, we can't tell the boys about this, ever demy promise me" she said. "Perrie why?" i asked. "i just got raped for god's sake Zayn is going to leave me if he knew, i can't have this i love him too much" She said. "that's not true Zayn would never do that he'd go after that guy and kick his butt" i said. "Demy just promise" she said. "okay i won't but Niall's going to be very mad if he knew i lied to him, we'll keep it just for a while okay?" i said so she nodded in agreement.

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