my love for Niall

Demy's forced to take guitar lessons by niall horan, her boyfriend breaks up with her but then he gets jealous from Niall, and trouble happens. her dad asked niall to be her bodyguard without her knowing cz she will disapproves. So niall asks her out to stay close to her but what will happen when she'll find out?


15. have fun:

2 hours later:

Demy's POV:

i was still sitting in my room, i didn't feel like going out, i ignored all the messages and phone calls. Someone opened the door and ccame in, i turned around to see Perrie and Zayn. "don't you guys knock?" i asked sarcastically putting a smile on my face, i stood up and hugged them.

"Niall told us, are you okay?" Zayn asked. "ah yeah sure don't worry" i replied playing strong. "So Demy i'm going on tour with my band tomorrow little mix, i was wondering if you'd like to come with me, you can come back anytime u want, just to clear your head and have fun" Perrie said. "perrie are you serious? i'd love to, i really need this actually, i'm not fine at all" i replied.

the next day:

Zayn's POV:

"hi mate" i said to Niall. "hey" he replied coldly. "you're still upset?" i asked. "i don't know how to fix this Zayn" he replied. "Maybe i should try to talk to her one more time" he said. "i'm afraid you won't find her mate" i said. "what do u mean?" he asked. "i just drove Perrie and Demy to the airport, Demy is going with Perrie on tour to have fun and forget about problems" i replied. that's when Niall went crazy. "what? why didn't you tell me?" he screamed.

"because she should go Niall just let her clear her head then you could talk" i said but he ran outside, jumped in his car and drove off!

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