my love for Niall

Demy's forced to take guitar lessons by niall horan, her boyfriend breaks up with her but then he gets jealous from Niall, and trouble happens. her dad asked niall to be her bodyguard without her knowing cz she will disapproves. So niall asks her out to stay close to her but what will happen when she'll find out?


36. eating disorder:

the next day:

Niall's POV:

i'm gonna spend the whole day with Demy, I'll make sure she eats well, she's safe and sound and last but not least, make sure that we're finally together, I've missed her like crazy. talking over the phone is nothing but a way of distraction but our love is strong and it's like star, we can't always see it but it's always there.

i knocked on her door, it was a Saturday so i think the whole family is in the house. she opened the door and smiled before passing out. she actually fainted, i wanted to kill her when she wakes up knowing that she did this to herself. i picked her up and carried her to my car to be followed by her dad who took his car and drove behind me.

we couldn't see what the doctor did to her because they wouldn't let us in the room but we knew that she woke up and that she was okay. the doctor called us to his office, well he called her dad but i insisted of coming.

"your daughter has well..." the doctor started to talk and what i expected for him to say is anorexia but nope something less serious. "... an eating disorder but it's not that serious, we believe she stopped eating and throwing up about two weeks perhaps, not enough time to be really sick, so she has to take a treatment for one week only and everything will be okay for sure after that".

about an hour later, Demy and i sat in the living room at her house all alone, i wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, we talked and talked and talked... until it was dark outside. i stood up when Demy took my hand "don't go" she said making a puppy face. i giggled kissing her. "i'll call you tomorrow and we could do something okay?" i asked and she nodded.

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