my love for Niall

Demy's forced to take guitar lessons by niall horan, her boyfriend breaks up with her but then he gets jealous from Niall, and trouble happens. her dad asked niall to be her bodyguard without her knowing cz she will disapproves. So niall asks her out to stay close to her but what will happen when she'll find out?


40. 3 big bags:

Niall's POV:

"First you are never going back to your house again" he said. "until you get married you're going to stay at my house" Perrie said. they were taking turns, like they practiced to do this. "Perrie and i will go grab your stuff" Zayn said.

i cut them off, "wait wait i don't understand why shouldn't i go back?" i asked.

"your dad believed Jenna not me and well i'm no longer welcomed in your house and last but not least i can't let you go back to being hurt" Niall said. "dad stood up for Jenna?" i asked with tears starting to form. "i'm sorry" Niall said holding my hand. Perrie then came and gave me a hug with tears on her face too. "i just need to be alone" i said running to the door then rushing outside. i started to run, i wanted to go stand on the bridge and watch the sea under me but Niall grabbed my wrist and forced me to turn. i was facing him now. "where are you going?" he asked. i couldn't speak a word i was still crying. he pulled me closer and hugged me then kissed my neck. "don't ever leave me" i said. "i won't i love you" he said.

Zayn's POV:

Perrie and i knocked on the door, hopefully Jenna won't be home, things will be much easier. besides i'm here to make sure Perrie won't have trouble getting Demy's stuff, it's not like i'm going to pack girls clothes and things. Yikes!

Demy's dad opened. "hi mr. we're here to pack demy's clothes and grab her things" Perrie said. "where is she going to stay?" he asked. "sorry we can't tell you" i answered. he looked at the ground with a sad face then let us inside. "i'll wait for you here" i said kissing her cheek then she went upstairs.

"is she going to marry Niall?" he asked me. "uhh yes sir" i replied. "when?" he asked again. "i really don't know anything, but it'll probably take time to prepare for the wedding" i said, after that we were both quiet until finally Perrie came down with 3 big bags. seriously demy? how much clothes do you have? i carried them all to the car then we took off.

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