What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


9. Chapter 9: 1D Girlfriend

 "Hey Harry." I say as I approach him and my Dad.  "Hey Pey." He responds. I turn torwards my dad. "Hey, we're just going to go, so, yeah, let's go Harry." I say. "Hey Peyton!" My dad hollers when i step out the door. "Be safe!" he calls. "ugh! I'll be fine! Bye dad." i say back to him and shut the door completely behind us. "Sorry 'bout that." I tel Harry. "Haha it's ok." He says.

 The whole ride was filled with laughter and music. It was fun. "WE'RE HEAR!" i yell when we arrive somewhere. "yep, now get out of my car." Harry jokes. "Well then!" I retort and jump out of the car. I take in my surroundings. "How did you know i love ice skating?" I ask Harry. "I asked Louis." He replys. He takes my hand and leads me inside.

 "Hey Ted." I say to the man at the counter. "Hey Peyton! So nice to see you! I see you brought a friend?" He asks. "Yes, Harry this is Ted, Ted this is Harry." I introduce them. "Here are your shoes, Bob and Larry have been in your bin for almost a week now, I think they were getting desperate." He tells me.

 "Bob and Larry?" Harry asks me. "Yes, I named my skates that. You got a problem?" I ask bringing the sassy side of out. "No, no, that's just.....uh, interesting." He reply's. "What size can I get you Harry?" Ted asks Harry. "Ten and a half, please." Harry asks Ted politely. "Here you go, have a fun night you two, but not too much alright?" Ted asks us. "Alright thanks Ted!" I thank him. Harry and I head out to the rink and put our skates on before stepping onto the ice.

 ~AFTER AT 9:00~

 Harry and I are currently at the park just walking around and just enjoying each others company.  "Tonight was amazing Harry, thank you." I sincerely tell him. "Yeah, we're going to have to do it again sometime." He reply's back to me. I begin to wonder if he's hinting something.

 After a few seconds of silence he speaks up again. "Peyton, I know I haven't known you long, but I-I" I stops. "It's ok, just spit it out." I encourage him to go on. "Will you uh um you be my uh my uh will you be my girlfriend?" He asks me. I giggle at his nervousness. "Yes, Harry, yes!" I reply flinging my arms around his neck.

 "Welcome to the 1D girlfriend club!" He says will a silly smile on his face. "why thank you, I am honored." I say back in a silly posh british accent. We laugh and continue our nice walk in each other's company. This was the BEST day ever!!!


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