What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


6. Chapter 6: Momas girl


 "I was 14, I decided to go hang out with my best friend, he was also my cousin. He was Louis...."


" Hey mom can I go over to Lou's until Dad gets home?" I beg my mother. "yes, I'll call over when your father gets home." she reply's from the kitchen. I'm standing by the front door with my hand on the door nob." thank you! I'll be back soon, Love ya!" I yell before running out the door. The cool summer air whistle's in my ear as I sprint to Louis' house.

 I raise my hand up to knock on Louis' door. But before I could knock he opened the door. "Louis!" I yell. "Peyton!" He yells back and pulled me into a bear hug. We haven't seen each other in ages. His family went on a vacation for a few weeks and they've been long!

 We hung out for a while until we realized it was dark outside. "I should probably get home it's really dark out and Dad should be home by now." I tell Lou. "Alright, I'll walk ya." he tells me. "ok lets gooooo!" I yell running down the stairs. "Bye aunt Jay!" I yell. "Bye sweetie!" She yells back from her office.

 Louis runs down stairs and we walk out into the cool night. "Race ya!" I yell and take off running. "NO fair!" I hear him yell from some where behind me. Once I reach my house I just sit on the front porch and wait for Louis. Once he gets here we both walk inside.

 Louis starts chasing me all over the house for cheating in the race. I run out of the kitchen and into the hall closet. "Peyton! Where are you! We have to get out of the house now!" I hear Louis yell from somewhere in the house.

Yeah right! I thought. I start to smell smoke, strange.....I open the door and walk over to the kitchen. It was on fire and slowly spreading. "Peyton come on!!!" Louis yells and yanks me by the wrist and pulls me out of the house.

The were firemen and ambulances out in the street. "Where's mom!" I yell. She was in the kitchen when Louis was chasing me. "I'm sorry." Louis tells me. I broke down crying on the spot and I felt as if my heart had been broken. And it was all Louis fault. I heard him tell the police officer he may have knocked something over in the kitchen when mum was cooking. I hate Louis Tomlinson.

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