What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


3. Chapter 3: Party Rockin

    The high school wasn't that far from here so we walked. "Umm, Avery, why is Peyton hanging onto me for fear life?" Harry asks scared. I'm currently huging Harry from the side and squeasing him to death. I can hear Louis snickering behind us. "Haha, well, you see, Peyton may or may not be a HUGE, Spider-man fan, and you my friend, are dressed as spider-man." Avery calmly explains to him.

   "Hey, Peyton, can let go? Please?"Harry Pleads me. "Well, let's make a deal." I suggest. "oh joy." Harry wimpers. "I'll lets go of you if spider-man gives me a piggy back ride!!!" I demand.

   "fiiiiiiiinnnnne ugh." he complains. I jump on his back and proceed to the school. It didn't take that long. Once we arrived Harry set me down and i acted totally normal this time.......OK, for real, I did act normal this time. We all stepped in side the school and made our way to the gym where it's being held.

   No one noticed the guys but some of the 'poop'ular kids noticed us. See what i did there 'poop' ular kids, hahaha i crack myself up! Tinsly obviously the chearleader captain (cliche, i know...i try) walks up to us. OH Shi-b, nibs.... This can't be good. "Dressed as a nerd really? it suits you." She says trying to be mean, but it ain't workin!

   "Dressed as the devil really? It suits you." I mock her. I hear a chorus of 'burn' ,and 'ohhhhhh' ,and 'she got told' from the guys and Avery. "Who are they? Your side kicks?" She shoots back. Before I could say anything Louis speaks up.

   "Girl if you knew who I was, you'd be quiet as mouse." Louis cannot talk like a Girl. "Oh,really, and why is that!" She screames at him. "Because.."Louis starts."We're One Direction."The rest of the boys finish with him.

   She suddenly turns pale and runs off probably REALLY humiliated. "Now, LETS GET THIS PARTAE STARTED!!!" Louis screams.

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