What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


2. Chapter 2: Hello again

  I shifted on my feet a bit trying to ignore the awkwardness. "Long time no see?" Louis shyly asks me. "Yeah" I say back with no emotion. " I feel like I'm missing something here guys." Avery curiously states. " Well, Avery meet Louis, my idiot cousin." I say putting emphasis on the word 'idiot'.

  " why didn't you tell me!?!" Avery happily screams at me. Well that was odd..... "Because I didn't want you being my friend just I'm related to the 'Louis Tomlinson'." I say back at her. " I totally understand, but it's really cool!!!" She practically screams on my ear.

 I just laugh in response. I almost forgot about the guys In front of us. " So why are you guys trick or treating aren't you a bit old?" I ask them. " Louis dragged us into it." Harry explains. " that explains a lot." I reply.

 " What's your excuse?" Harry asks me. " Well, Avery and I were going to go to the dance but we don't have dates and when you dress and get free candy for it, well, who can turn that down?" I reply. Harry sits there and thinks for a while. Louis and Harry look at each other as if they were getting the same idea.

 They then spoke up. " What of we told you," Louis starts. "That we could be your date to the dance?" Harry finished for him. "Well I'd say cool." I said. "Good then may I?" Harry holds put his hand. "No! Not dressed like that your not!" I yelled at Harry.

 " Then what do you want me to wear?" He asks me. " come on." I drag him to my house with Avery and the boys following. I lead him into my living room and order him to stay with everyone else while I went and got it.

 I walked up to my closet and pulled out my awesome Spider-Man costume that is WAY too big for me. Don't ask why I have it. I am a HUGE Spider-Man fan. I grabbed it and the mask and walked back down the stairs to the living room where everyone was.

 I handed it to him and showed him to the guest bedroom so he could change. After a few minutes of laughing and talking Harry walks down the stars without the mask on. " Oh. my. gosh..." I was at a lost for words.

 When you mix hot and extra hot Spider-Man you get FLAMING!!! " LET'S GOOOO!" Harry screamed. We all followed him out the door. This will be one eventful night....

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